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All about the new Weekly Shonen Jump manga

all about the new weekly shonen jump manga

Kagura Bachi is the new manga that is sweeping Weekly Shonen Jump. And many are those who wonder What is this new story about that has started off strong and has surprised thousands?. And this new story is an addition of the most outstanding in the world of manga and anime. We invite you to read our article on the best recommended anime by genre.

Kagura Bachi is a manga series that would fall within the “Shonen” category, and that It also promises to be an outstanding addition in the coming years., more than it even currently is. It is characterized by various themes and marked personalities that we will briefly detail you below:

  • It is a story full of battles and epic moments.
  • Revenge is the order of the day.
  • It is a journey to confront a specific group, full of violence and anger.
  • The art style is of high quality and has a great focus on the action, so we are in for a very full story.
  • The author of the manga is Hokazono Takeru, who has just debuted in the world of being mangaka.
  • The protagonist of the work has no name and his only objective is to take revenge.

Also, Kagura Bachi has a dark and very violent aesthetic which at times reminds us of Kentaro Miura’s Berserk, obviously saving the corresponding differences.

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