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All about the ranks in the competitive Pokemon GO


All about the ranks in the competitive Pokemon GO

rank up in Pokemon GO it is one of the most difficult tasks for less experienced players.

As can be expected from competitive gaming, Trainers will need to go up against each other in order to rack up wins and move up the ranks. Each rank may come with some rewards, but advancing will become more difficult with each victory.

In this article we will explain exactly how the pokemon go rank system and what you need to reach the maximum range.

Requirements to rank up in Pokemon GO

Like most modern games, we can get ranks in Pokemon GO that represent our performance in the GO Fighting League.

Ranking up is not a fixed formula. Depending on the rank you are in, you will need to win or just fight in the combat league. That being said, the more wins you rack up, the faster you’ll progress to max rank and be able to claim the rewards.

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These are all the ranks and their requirements in Pokemon GO:

  • Rank 1: The rank you get when you start
  • Rank 2: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 3: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 4: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 5: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 6: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 7: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 8: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 9: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 10: Requires 1 win
  • Rank 11: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 12: Requires 5 wins
  • Rank 13: Requires 6 wins
  • Rank 14: Requires 7 wins
  • Rank 15: Requires 8 wins
  • Rank 16: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 17: Requires 10 wins
  • Rank 18: Requires 15 wins
  • Rank 19: Requires 20 wins
  • Rank 20: Requires 5 fights
  • Rank 21: Requires to exceed 2000 rating points
  • Rank 22: Requires to exceed 2500 rating points
  • Rank 23: Requires to exceed 2750 rating points
  • Rank 24: Requires over 3000 rating points

What are the rank rewards in Pokemon GO during Season 13?

Ranking up is a way to gain experience along with some rewards in Pokemon GO. And in Season 13 of the combat league GO we have many exciting prizes to claim.

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For starters, each new rank will grant you an encounter with some Pokemon specialand there is a chance that these will appear in your Shiny variants (marked in the list with an *).

You can see all the prizes for each rank below:

  • Rank 1: Encounter with Metang
  • Rank > 1: Encounter Poliwag, Meditite, Spheal, Wingull
    or Swablu
  • Rank 3 (Guaranteed): Masked Pikachu Avatar Items
  • Rank 6 (Guaranteed): Encounter with Mareanie
  • Rank > 6: Encounter Skarmory or Frillish
  • Rank > 11: Encounter Onix, Lickitung, Dratini, Swinub, and Mareanie
  • Rank > 16: Encounter Miltank, Hisui’s Sneasel, or Scraggy
  • Rank 19 (Guaranteed): Elite Charged and Quick Attack TM at the end of the season
  • Rank > 20: 5 Star Raids active boss encounter
  • Cool (Guaranteed): Meeting with Axew* and rings inspired by Máximo Peñas (Ruby/Sapphire)
  • Veteran (Guaranteed): Meeting with Noibat* and shoes inspired by Máximo Peñas (Ruby/Sapphire)
  • Expert (Guaranteed): Meeting with Goomy, a T-shirt and pants inspired by Máximo Peñas (Rubí/Sapphire)
  • Legend (Guaranteed): Encounter with Masked Pikachu* and the pose inspired by Máximo Peñas (Ruby/Sapphire)

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Take advantage of the January Meteorological Cup

If you want to rank up fast in Pokemon GO, you can participate in regular battles or themed battles.

Currently the normal combat is the Super Ball League, which will take place until January 26. This one can be more difficult, since more experienced players can have a good team prepared for each Super Ball League.

However, you will also be able to play during this period in the Meteorological Cup: Super Ball League Edition. Many of the Meta Pokemon will not be able to participate in this one because it is only limited to three types, as well as the PC of each Pokemon.

You can find our guide with more details at this link.

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