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All about the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nintendo Direct: story, characters, combat and expansion pass

The Nintendo Direct dedicated to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has ended and has left us with a good load of information related to what aims to be one of the biggest bombshells in the Nintendo Switch catalog for this year. Over more than 20 minutes have been provided more details on the story, the characters, the combat system and much more.

The plot will take us to the world of Aionios, where two nations, Keves and Agnus, are in a constant confrontation, as is the case with the six main characters. Half of them correspond to each of these sides and, although they hate each other and are prepared to fight to the death, an event will change their vision and join forces.

However, their union will cause the armies to want to end our entire group of protagonists. This implies that while they go through this huge open world they will be bumped into by Esports Extrasntic creatures and there will also be times where we see Agnus and Keves’ own soldiers fighting each other.

The scenarios will be truly spectacular, with the most varied environments in which there will be no shortage of meadows, caves and many more areas, including the colonies. The latter will be centers where we can buy all kinds of objects, eat, meet other characters, and there will even be places to rest.

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At least we won’t need to constantly kick ourselves to go from one place to another, because all the important places we visit will be saved as markers so that we can quickly travel from one place to another. You can even establish a kind of travel guides to tell us exactly how to go anywhere.

With regard to combat, we have been able to observe that taking out weapons will automatically start the confrontation. From that moment on, it will be time to unleash the arts, the special abilities of the characters, to crush the enemies, although it has been indicated that the damage they cause will depend on the position in which we are placed.

To keep things simple arts will be assigned to a button on the controller which will vary depending on the roles they play. For example, attackers will deal heavy damage, wards will block and pull enemies, and healers will provide assists and restore hit points to allies.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Linking the arts will serve to execute a truly devastating combo, so that we can launch opponents, knock them down, hit them hard, etc. Without a doubt, leveling up and learning more and more arts will be essential to become more powerful and thus make it easier to know victory.

And for those who do not have enough with the group of six protagonists they can also use the so-called Heroes, who are more special characters that can lend us a hand during battles, although we can only take one of them at a time. In turn, they have their own classes that the rest can use once we add them to the team.

Finally, characters that establish a strong bond in combat will be able to fuse with each other to transform into Ouroboros, a devastating form that will cause real havoc in battles. What we have also been able to see is that there will always be a character that will control this form and that will cause the arts to vary.

Expansion Pass and amiibos

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass

The last surprise that the broadcast has left us is that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will have its own expansion pass priced at 29.99 euros and that can be acquired from the first day. Thanks to it you will have access to all the following:

  • As of July 29, 2022– Useful items and alternate colored outfits
  • Before December 31, 2022: A new hero, new quests, new outfits and a new challenge.
  • Before April 30, 2023: A new hero, new quests, new outfits and a new challenge.
  • Before December 31, 2023: a new story

Regarding the amiibo, it has been revealed that they will serve to unlock the most useful objects, but without a doubt one of the most important is that of Shulk, since that will allow us to unlock the skin of his Monado sword for Noah to use. So, entertainment awaits us for a while with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 how much is it for sale July 29 on Nintendo Switch.

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