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All about the ZRG 20mm in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: features, accessories and perfect class add ons

If you are looking for powerful weapons in Call of Duty Warzone, the sniper rifle ZRG 20mm is the answer. This weapon is relatively easy to unlock and especially rewards players with good aim. To paraphrase Uncle Ben from Spider-Man: With great damage comes great lack of mobility. Here’s everything you need to know about this beast.


First, how to unlock it? Remember that it is a Call of Duty Cold War weapon. Get 2 Long Shot medals in 10 different games. You must complete the games in which you get the medals. Use a sniper. Long Shot medals are earned by killing enemies 50 meters or more away.

And what do the numbers on the ZRG 20mm say?

The WZRanked website places the sniper ZRG 20mm in a not very good area despite its good results. His pick ratio is 0.74 while his K/D is 1.15 and his win ratio is 3.25. This means few people use it, but his effectiveness ranks it fourth (by K/D), trailing only NZ-41, Frame 5 and H4 Blixen.


In terms of pick, he is outclassed by the Swiss K41, 3-Line Rifle, AX-50, HDR, and Kar98k snipers despite having worse K/D and wins. Now let’s say you are one of the intrepid ones who choose to carry this beast in your inventory. In that case, I recommend the following accessories:

  • Bocacha: Sound attenuator.
  • Canyon: 111.5 cm combat reconnaissance
  • To be: SWAT 5mW Laser Sight
  • Look: –
  • Butt: –
  • Coupling: –
  • Charger: 5 projectiles.
  • rear handle: Snake Bandage.

The disastrous stealth of GTA Online has crushed me Cayo Perico: I thought I was Solid Snake and I haven't smelled a single gold ingot

The joke tells itself: excessive accuracy, damage, and range vs. low fire rate, mobility, and control. The ZRG 20mm gun is a sniper for expert shooters. Missing a bullet hurts like hell, especially with that 5-round magazine. Mind you, hit a headshot and your target will have one foot in Valhalla.

As for the perfect complement to this weapon, I recommend two submachine guns: the Marco 5, a weapon that is making waves in Warzone, or the H4 Blixen. To choose between the two, I recommend you stay with the first.