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All Confirmed Hogwarts Legacy Locations

The places that we can explore in Hogwarts Legacy they look very promising.


Hogwarts is a castle located in the Scottish hills that can only be seen by those who have some kind of magical power. The structure itself is a fascinating site filled with fantastic spaces teeming with life.

At Hogwarts, the stairs move by themselves and ghosts walk the corridors, among other peculiar occurrences. but the new Hogwarts Legacy will take us to magical places beyond this building, both those shown in the series Harry Potter like others quite new.


In this article we will tell you which are the places of Hogwarts Legacy confirmed so far.

All confirmed venues Hogwarts Legacy

There are many interesting places and references within Hogwarts castle, as you would expect from this new installment. One of the most interesting additions are the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin common rooms and bedrooms. These will be customizable and will have unique hallmarks of their respective houses.


Others of the places we know from the series they include the Room of Requirement, the exclusive bathroom for prefects, the Hogwarts bookstore, the owlery, the shed, and of course the Great Hall. In addition we will be able to visit the classrooms defense against the dark arts, herbology, enchantments, history of magic and potions.

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Fans will also be able to walk through the Fat Lady’s painting corridor, visit the headmaster’s office and see the Hogwarts kitchens. There’s also many interesting sites in and around the Hogwarts courtyard.

Outside of the College of Witchcraft and Wizardry, players will be able to visit the famous Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade Town, Hogsmeade Station, and even the Forbidden Forest. Members of some houses will be able to access exclusive locations, such as Azkaban.


Many more places to explore in Hogwarts Legacy

You may end up exploring many faraway places in Hogwarts Legacydespite bearing the name of the college in the title.


The developers already confirmed that from a point in the story, the game will expand its borders revealing new places to explore. Unfortunately we don’t have many details about them, but we can expect dangerous areas full of enemies and bosses. Many players hope to meet new and peculiar towns in the wizarding world.

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The Dark Arts Combat Arena (exclusive to the Dark Arts Pack) is one of the new locations that some players will be able to visit. In addition, the most recent extended gameplay showed us other interesting details.

While the character was flying low to the ground on a Hippogriff, some train tracks can be seen just below. These are probably for him. hogwarts expresswhich may allow us to make “fast trips” (instantaneous) from one point to another.


Other biomes shown in the gameplay include a dark swamp and the vast mountains. These environments may vary depending on the season of the yearand in the same way they can impact the experience in the story.

hogwarts legacy locations

Other interesting sites we would like to see

There are many places and references we would like to see in Hogwarts Legacy based on what we know about Harry Potter so far.


In Diagon Alley we wish we could visit an “old” version of some popular locations from the series. For example, the Leaky Cauldron could have been in operation. We would also like to get into Gringotts Bank and other businesses equivalent to Ollivanders, Florean Fortescue, Gambol and Japes, the Owl Emporium, among others.

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Of course, there are places that we do not expect to see because they are more recent or have no relevance in the past. These include Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the Burrow, Malfoy Manor, Little Whinging, The Haven, among others.

We’d like to see some old versions of the government spaces that played a big part in Harry Potter. Nurmengard is out of the question. However, an old version of the Ministry of Magic or of St Mungo’s Hospital it would be very interesting to see. Not to mention the famous platform nine and three quarters.


Finally, we would like to be able to visit some of the other famous wizarding institutions, especially the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang mentioned in the books.

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