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All deleted in Minecraft Extreme after a week

All deleted in Minecraft Extreme after a week jpeg

This Tuesday will pass a week since it started Minecraft Extreme. We are all attentive to the evolution of the series and how some content creators are suffering more than they would like. And is not for less. Streamers What elXokas they have been playing for several days with only one life. Others have been more careful and still have several lives in their locker, although this could change as soon as the administrators decide.


Till the date There are 10 participants who have already left the series. One way or another, these content creators have managed to lose all three lives and, with it, having to leave this Extreme Minecraft. Soon many more will join them, until there are four left who will face each other in a final phase that will decide the winner of this first edition of Minecraft Extreme.

All participants eliminated in Minecraft Extreme

To date there are 10 participants who have said goodbye to this first series of the year. Jokk, 8cho, Joseph, magnetized, Mixwell, Duck, Virus, perxite, Carol Y MissaSinfonia They were the first ten to leave Minecraft Extreme. Of course, there are still a lot of content creators on the server, so we will still have a series for a while.

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Or maybe not. As its own name indicates, it is a series to the extreme that, in case of losing lives, will leave all those people out of the series. There are many participants who only have one life, so the next few hours could be crucial for many of them. Will they be able to survive what the admins have in store for them or, consequently, will they be added to that list of players who have definitely died? We will be attentive to the channels of the participating creators to see their future within the series.

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