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All Devil Fruit users in the Straw Hats

all devil fruit users in the straw hats

The *text muted* fruits are one of the greatest sources of power in the world of One Piece (one of the best anime you can see), and it is that, just by ingesting them, they allow you to achieve unimaginable abilities. For this reason, many of the most powerful characters in this series are users of one, since it usually gives them a certain advantage over their rivals. This could not be less among our protagonists, and it is that yes, among Luffy’s crew (the Straw Hats or Mugiwaras) there are several *text muted* fruit users, although We can already anticipate that there are not so many.

Next, we will list all the users of this type of fruit that are currently in Luffy’s crew, however insignificant their power may be, in addition to not taking into account what type of fruit we are talking about. For this reason, we will ignore all the crew members who, although they are very powerful (for other reasons), currently have not ingested any *text muted* fruitso we cannot say, in any of the cases, that he is a user of one.


These are all the *text muted* fruit users among Luffy’s crew.

As we have told you, below we will list all the *text muted* Fruit users that we can find in Luffy’s crew, our protagonist. Likewise, you should know that you will find them in the same order in which they joined the crew, that is, the same order in which we met, both in the manga and in the anime, of their respective *text muted* Fruits, and therefore assumption of what his power is.

luffy the captain

The first could not be other than Luffy, Captain of the Straw Hats, and the first *text muted* Fruit user we meet in the entire franchise. This one shows us, from the first chapter, the incredible feats of which it is capable thanks to having ingested the Gomu Gomu fruit, which turns the user into a rubber man, thus being a Paramecia, although later, it could be discovered that it was actually a Zoan-type fruit, although the explanations of this we leave it for when it is explained in the anime.


He ingested it when Shanks, and his entire crew, They were in Luffy’s own hometown.and although it stripped him, at a very young age, of the ability to swim in the sea, it paved the way for him to become one of the most important pirates in history.

Chopper, the crew’s doctor

Chopper One Piece

Having as his full name Tony Tony Chopper, we are talking about the crew doctorAs much as the Navy seems bent on crushing his self-esteem by designating him as a “mascot.” At first glance, when you see it, it may seem like a simple anthropomorphic animal, like any other you can find in the anime, but it’s actually a common reindeer that ingested the Hito Hito no Mi, which basically endows the user with human abilities. .

In addition, we are facing a Zoan type fruitso this character can take different forms, also thanks to a certain medicine, made by himself, and that allows him to enhance his abilities.


Nico Robin, the survivor of Ohara

Nico Robin

Nico Robin is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved characters within Luffy’s crew, and it is that he not only has one of the saddest pasts of all, but also happens to be one of the most powerful, thanks especially to the Hana Hana no Mi she ingested, which basically gives her the ability to sprout parts of their bodies.

This ability has been used, countless times during the series, to sprout arms from the body of his enemies, taking advantage of that surprise factor, and that clear advantage, to carry out a devastating attack, which basically immobilizes them. Also, in more recent chapters, he has gone as far as sprouting half of his entire body to fight, which turns out to be quite an impressive feat.

Brook, a classic living dead (or not)

Brook One Piece

Brook is the last *text muted* Fruit user to join the Straw Hats, and frankly it turns out that we’re talking about the least combat useful fruit on the entire list, but also the most useful overall. Specifically, we are referring to the fruit Yomi-Yomi no mi, which allows its user to revivealthough in this case, due to some tricky situation, Brook was not able to return to his body in time, and ended up transforming into a skeleton, so he can no longer be considered a human.


In addition, during the series we have been able to see how Brook uses the power of this fruit to get his soul out of his bodyand thus be able to carry out investigations of all kinds, which are very advantageous in certain situations.