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All edition-specific Pokemon in Crimson and Crimson

From November 18th it will be again: Get them all! Well, almost all. Because as usual, it will also be in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson Pocket monsters that can only be caught in one of the two editions.

We introduce you in this article all edition-specific Pokemon from Crimson and Purple. There are currently twelve in number, but the post will be added to as soon as there are updates from Nintendo. It’s worth checking regularly!

Gen 9’s edition-specific Pokemon: Crimson and Crimson

Although voices are repeatedly raised among fans criticizing the division of the “Pokemon” main game series into two editions with marginal differences, Nintendo and Game Freak are sticking to the old forms they introduced in 1996 with “Poketto Monsutā Midori” (Pocket Monster Green ) and “Poketto Monsutā Aka” (pocket monster red).

In Europe, the first generation debuted in 1999 with the games “Pokemon Red Edition” and “Pokemon Blue Edition” for the Game Boy Color. To the Pokedex To complete it still needed a link cable to swap between editions and a lot of patience.

The ninth generation is launched with “Karmesin und Purpur”. The adventure takes place in the Paldea regionthat of course with lots of new Pokemon and local variants comes along.

We take a look at the new companions, but also at old acquaintances who only appear in one of the two editions and are intended to encourage exchanges with friends.

Edition-specific pocket monsters in Pokemon Crimson


The Scarlet Koraidon is the cover monster of “Pokemon Crimson” and can only be caught in this edition.

Koraidon - Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company


This knight in shining armor combines the Fire and Psychic types. For its Armor Cannon special attack, it uses the powerful shoulder plates as cannons.

Crimanzo - Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Larvitar, Pupitar and Despotar

With Larvitar, a favorite from Johto returns. The cute creature develops through the intermediate stage Pupitar to the mighty despotar.

Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar in Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company


The rock-type Pokemon stays true to itself. While Galar travelers could only encounter it in the “Sword” edition, in Paldea it is limited to an appearance in “Crimson”.

Humanolith in Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Edition-specific pocket monsters in Pokemon Crimson


The purple Miraidon is the cover monster of “Pokemon Crimson” and can only be caught in this edition.

Miraidon in Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company


This Dark Knight is Fire and Ghost type. Its special attack Sword of Remorse not only does heavy damage, but also heals your own wounds.

Azugladis in Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Childworm, Draschel and Brutalanda

Kindwurm is a third-generation Revenant. The little dragon evolves through the intermediate stage Draschel to the colossal Brutalanda.

Kidworm, Draschel, and Brutalanda in Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company


Cool Headed Kubuin made his debut in Pokemon Shield and can now only be caught in Crimson in the sequel, specific to the edition.

Kubuin in Pokemon Crimson
© Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Do the edition-specific pocket monsters influence your purchase decision? How do you feel about the two-edition concept in general: top or flop? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Other differences between the two editions has you Patrick in this article summarized.

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