All military vehicles in GTA Online and how to get them

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all military vehicles in gta online and how to get

We review all the military vehicles in GTA Online and the great defensive features they have.

All military vehicles in GTA Online and how to get them

In this GTA Online guide we are going to review all the game military vehiclesthe best reinforced and armed of the game, perfect for going to war against an entire server if necessary. Here are included tanks, trucks or armored vans, with holes for more than one too, perfect for large escapes, even with mounted artillery. Clearly differentiated from other everyday vehicles in the Online.

All military vehicles in GTA Online

Below you have all the military vehicles, all of them with great features, but also quite expensive.

Vehicle Obtaining Price Speed
anti-aircraft artillery trailer Warstock Cache & Carry. $1,862,000. It depends on the vehicle that pulls it.
Apocalypse Scarab $3,076,290. 100km/h
APC tank Warstock Cache & Carry. $3,092,250. 97km/h
avenger Warstock Cache & Carry. $3,450,000. 250km/h
barracks Warstock Cache & Carry. $450,000. 110km/h
Semi Barracks It cannot be owned. It can not be bought. 110km/h
Barrage Warstock Cache & Carry. $2,121,350. 135km/h
Chernobog Warstock Cache & Carry. $3,311,700. 95km/h
Crusader Warstock Cache & Carry. $225,000. 130km/h
Future Shock Scarab $3,076,290. 100km/h
halftrack Warstock Cache & Carry. $2,254,350. 75km/h
Invade & Persuade (RC Tank) Warstock Cache & Carry. $2,275,000. 37km/h
mobile operations center Warstock Cache & Carry. Available when purchasing a bunker.
Two variants, for the Phantom Custom or the Hauler Custom.
$1,225,000 (base). The price may go up depending on the customization options. It depends on the truck that pulls it.
Nightmare Scarab $3,076,290. 100km/h
rhino tank Warstock Cache & Carry. $1,500,000. 55 km/h
terrorbyte Warstock Cache & Carry. $1,375,000. 120km/h
jet pack Warstock Cache & Carry. $3,657,500. 160 km/h
TM-02 Khanjali tank Warstock Cache & Carry. $3,850,350. 57km/h

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