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All musical instruments from The Legend of Zelda

Music has always been one of the characteristic elements of any The Legend of Zelda title. The soundtrack of the franchise is already an icon of video games and one of the best compositions that have been made in this medium.

In many of its games, Nintendo goes a bit further with regard to the use of music, incorporating mechanics that involve musical instruments to alter game elements or solve puzzles. In this article we will review the most iconic and relevant musical instruments from The Legend of Zelda saga.


ocarina of time (Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask)

Surely it is the first musical instrument that comes to mind if we think of The Legend of Zelda. It gives its name to what is, for many, one of the best games in history: Ocarina of Time. And it is not for less, since its relevance in the development of the game is vital.


The Ocarina of Time comes from the Royal Family of Hyrule, and according to legend it can only be used by the hero. With it we can play up to 13 songs in the game. Its effects include calling Epona, changing the weather or the day and night cycle, teleporting Link to different points on the map, and solving puzzles and key moments in the story.

It is worth mentioning that the Ocarina of Time also appears in Majora’s Mask, but its use fades into the background with songs that have more specific effects. If you are interested in knowing more about the importance of music in Ocarina of Timein the following link you can find an extensive analysis of its use in this title.

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Fairy Ocarina (Ocarina of Time)

We found this musical instrument when Sarai gives it to Link in the Lost Forest of Ocarina of Time. Although it is a generic Kokiri ocarina, it will be the instrument we use until we get the Ocarina of Time, with fewer melodies available.

ocarina of the wind (The Minish Cap)


It is very similar to the previous one, although with an even more limited use. With it, Link can summon the Zeffa bird to transport himself to different points in Hyrule in The Minish Cap. Aesthetically, it only differs from the Ocarina of Time in that it lacks the Triforce inscription.

Baton of the Winds (Wind Waker)

Wind Waker it was a highly controversial title upon its release, mainly due to its aesthetics. Although he was criticized by many, time has proved him right and today he is one of the most beloved in the saga. Despite this, if there is one element that was never questioned, it was the quality of its soundtrack.


The Great Sea is one of the protagonists and differentiating elements of Wind Waker, stage that we navigate aboard our beloved Red Mask, who gives us this instrument. The Baton of the Winds It allows us to alter the direction of the wind, teleport or change the cycle of day and night, among other things, through the Melodies. It is impossible to conceive a Wind Waker without this instrument!

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earthly flute (Spirit Tracks)


This magical pan flute has the power to restore the sacred ways of Hyrule in Spirit Tracks. The Earthly Flute belonged to Tetra and thanks to it we can play various melodies in order to awaken the Sheikah stones, activate elements of the environment or unlock hidden chests.

For us, it has one of the most ingenious and fun uses, since to make it sound we had to blow into the microphone of our Nintendo DS.

Goddess Lyre (Skyward Sword)


The story of Skyward Sword it would not be understood without the Lyre of the Goddess. It belonged to the goddess Hylia and finally to princess Zelda, although it will be Link who ends up using it. The function of this musical instrument is limited to opening doors and unlocking key points for the adventure.

as in Spirit Trucks, to play the instrument we need to perform contextual actions. In Skyward Sword we must move the Wii Mote to the sides to make use of the Lyre of the Goddess. Has anyone mentioned WiiMusic?

Instruments of the Sirens (Link’s Awakening)


In this case it is not a single instrument, but eight musical instruments that will be the most important objects of Link’s Awakening. We obtain them by overcoming each and every one of the dungeons of the title and they are used to awaken the Wind Fish by playing the Ballad of the Wind Foot.

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These instruments are: the Cello of the Full Moon, the Conch Horn, the Bell of the Sea, the Harp of the Waves, the Marimba of the Wind, the Coral Triangle, the Organ of the Evening Calm and the Drum of Thunder.


Goron Drum, Deku Guitar and Zora Guitar (Majora’s Mask)

These instruments, one of the most curious and special in the franchise, can only be used to replace the Ocarina of Time when Link uses the Goron Mask, Deku Mask or Zora Mask in Majora’s Mask.

Its functions are solely contextual to progress through the story and obtain several of the game’s unlockable skins.


This has been the review of the most important musical instruments of The Legend of Zelda saga, although surely we left some. Leave us in the comments your favorite instrument!

Will we see any new instruments in the expected Tears of the Kingdom? You can read the article with everything we know about the title so far to whet your appetite.