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All Netflix releases in February 2023

The return of well-known titles and new projects are the news for February on Netflix.

All Netflix releases in February 2023
You, great novelty of the month of February on Netflix

The month of February The streaming platform is here and with it Netflix He will continue to face criticism over his decision to want to collect shared accounts that come from different households. However, the platform will continue adding new series, movies and documentarieswhich will be added to all the premieres in January, in order to increase a catalog that seems increasingly infinite.

In addition, Netflix remembers that it continues to offer the Basic plan with ads for just €5.49 per month, offering 720p/HD video quality while producing an average of 4-5 minutes of ads per hour.

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New series in February 2023

This month highlights the premiere of the USAseries All the times we fell in love, created by Carlos Montero (Élite, El desorden que dejas) and directed by Carlota Pereda (Cerdita), Mateo Gil (Los Favoritos de Midas), Bàrbara Farré (Selftape) and Ginesta Guindal (Élite), premieres on Netflix this Valentine’s Day . Is new romantic comedy It has eight episodes and stars Georgina Amorós (Elite), Franco Masini (Rebel), Albert Salazar (The boarding school: Las Cumbres), Carlos González (Maricón perdido), Blanca Martínez and Roser Vilajosana (Those in the tunnel).

  • ‘Freeridge’ – Season 1 (2/02)
  • ‘Make my day’ – Season 1 (2/02)
  • ‘Stock Market’ – Season 1 (8/02)
  • ‘My father the galactic bounty hunter’ – Season 1 (9/02)
  • ‘Love gives a lot of war’ – Season 1 (10/02)
  • ‘All the times we fell in love’ – Season 1 (02/14): September 2003. Irene arrives in Madrid wanting to conquer the world and become a film director. There she will meet her best friends and also Julio, who would be the perfect protagonist for her movies and also for her life. But life always has other plans. A bright story with a nostalgic touch about love, the friendship that is forged in college years and the need to find your place in the world.
  • ‘Lydia Poët’s Law’ – Season 1 (02/15)
  • ‘Aggretsuko’ – Season 5 (02/16)
  • ‘The Upshaw family’ – Season 3 (02/16)
  • ‘Community Squad’ – Season 1 (02/17)
  • ‘Outer Banks’ – Season 3 (02/23)
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Remember that along with these titles you can watch the best video game series on Netflix.


New movies in February 2023

I infest It is the great novelty of the month in the field of films. Patxi Amezcua, director of films such as Séptimo and screenwriter of A Man of Action, The Shadow of the Law and El Aviso, writes and directs this haunting mystery thriller in which the investigation of the reappearance of a young woman who had been presumed dead for months will uncover an even darker secret that is hidden in the Asturian mining basin.

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Produced by Vaca Films for Netflix, the film stars Isak Férriz (Bajocero, Fair: The Darkest Light) and Iria del Río (The Crystal Girls, Elite). The cast is completed by José Manuel Poga (La casa de papel) and Luis Zahera (As bestas) among others. The film was shot for seven weeks in natural locations in Asturias and Galicia..


  • ‘Free spirit’ (3/02)
  • ‘Infested’ (3/02): March 2020. On the first day of the state of emergency, two police inspectors are called to a small mining town in the Asturian mountains where a young woman who had been presumed dead for months has appeared. As the world falls apart and personal tragedies strike everywhere, it doesn’t take long for the detectives to realize that the virus may not be the only dark force at work.
  • ‘You’ – Season 4 Part 1 (9/02): New year, new country, new identity. However, it seems that Joe can’t let go of his past in these new episodes…
  • ’10 days of a good man’ (10/02)
  • ‘Your house or mine’ (02/10): Debbie and Peter are best friends, but they are as different as oil and water. She loves the routine she leads with her son in Los Angeles, and he shines with the vibrant pace of New York. But when they swap their homes—and lifestyles—for a week, they both discover that what they thought they wanted might not be what they really needed.
  • ‘Unlocked identity’ (02/17)
  • ‘A ghost is loose at home’ (02/24)
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New documentaries and programs in February 2023

New documentaries and programs, along with funny reality showsstar in the following list of news of the month:

  • ‘Gunther, the millionaire dog’ (1/02)
  • ‘Bill Russell: Legend’ (8/02)
  • ‘Perfect Match’ (02/14)
  • ‘Queens of Africa: Njinga’ (02/15)
  • ‘Full Swing’ (02/15)
  • ‘The Murdaughs: Death and scandal in South Carolina’ (02/22)
  • ‘Formula 1: The emotion of a Grand Prix’ (02/24)
  • ‘Playing with fire: Germany’ (02/28)

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