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All Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: Starters, Legendaries, Paldea forms…

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple will premiere on November 18th exclusively for Nintendo Switch, and although there are still a few months left for that debut, we have more and more information about the next main game in the Pokemon saga. In addition to the Paldea map, the new region inspired by USA, and details of its gameplay, The Pokmon Company and Game Freak have already revealed a good part of the list of Pokemon that we can capture in this ninth generation. Below you can see all the confirmed creatures so far.

New Scarlet and Purple Pokemon


  • Category: Pokemon Cat Grass
  • Guy: Plant
  • Height: 0.4m
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Ability: Thickness

Sprigatito is the Grass-type starter for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Inspired by a cat, it has a “sweet fragrance that intoxicates anyone around it” that it gives off when it kneads with its front paws. With it “it makes the opponents lose the desire to fight”. In addition, its fur has a composition similar to that of plants, “which allows it to create energy thanks to sunlight.”


Fuecoco in Pok

  • Category: Pokemon Firedrill
  • Guy: Fire
  • Height: 0.4m
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Ability: sea ​​flames

Fuecoco is the Fire-type starter for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. What he has on his head is not hair, but fire that grows when he gets excited. In addition, it is capable of absorbing heat “with the rectangular scales it has on its belly and back and transforms it into igneous energy”. His character is gentle and he loves to eat, so “he will go for any food he finds on his way”.


Quaxly in Pok

  • Category: duckling pokemon
  • Guy: Water
  • Height: 0.5m
  • Weight: 6.1kg
  • Ability: Torrent

Quaxly is the Water-type starter for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. It has a boastful character, so much so that its feathers secrete a gel that repels water and dirt. It’s the same one you use to comb your head locks back. In addition to that, he is also notable for the strength of his legs, which “allows him to swim through even the strongest currents”, and “in combat, he delivers very fast kicks to his opponents”.


Cetitan in Pok

  • Category: Pokemon Geowhale
  • Guy: ice
  • Height: 4.5m
  • Weight: 700kg
  • Ability: Sebum or Snowplow

Cetitan is a Esports Extrasntic Ice-type Pokemon that has “developed strong muscles to be able to support the weight of its huge body”, something that it also uses in combat to perform very powerful physical attacks. He has a layer of subcutaneous fat that protects him from the cold and five horns, one of them capable of accumulating cold energy.


Fidough in Pok

  • Category: pokemon puppy
  • Guy: fairy
  • Height: 0.3m
  • Weight: 10.9kg
  • Ability: own rhythm

His skin is moist and delicate, but also elastic, firm and smooth. This Pokmon has won the hearts of the community with its resemblance to bread rolls, in fact its ability is to “intimidate its opponents by puffing itself up to look bigger”. He is also able to ferment things around him thanks to the fact that he has yeast on his breath, a characteristic that has served to protect him for centuries.


Lechonk in Pok
  • Category: pokemon pig
  • Guy: Normal
  • Height: 0.5m
  • Weight: 10.2kg
  • Ability: Aroma or Gluttony Veil

Lechonk is one of the Pokemon that Menca, the friend who will accompany us on the adventure of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, has on her team. He has a good sense of smell that he uses to search for food, though he also “gives off a grassy smell that Bug-type Pokemon hate”. In combat he is able to charge forward in panic when an opponent surprises him. “His body is made up mostly of muscle, which he strengthens by walking nonstop in search of food.”


Pawmi in Pok

  • Category: pokemon mouse
  • Guy: electrical
  • Height: 0.3m
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Ability: Static Electricity or Natural Cure

Pawmi is another Pokemon that Menca has on his team. He is the electric mouse of this generation, so he is able to release energy from within himself and through his cheeks. “The fur that covers his body, in addition to insulating perfectly from the cold, allows him to store electricity. When something worries him, this cautious Pokmon begins to rub his cheeks to be prepared to launch an electric shock,” says the official description of the.


Smoliv in Pok

  • Category: pokemon olive
  • Guy: Plant and Normal
  • Height: 0.3m
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Ability: get up early

Smoliv is also in Menca’s team. He is the Olive Pokmon that has fallen in love with the fan community. He is skittish in character, so “when surprised or attacked, Smoliv will secrete oil to slow down his rivals” while he runs away. He is a Grass type, so he doesn’t need anything other than photosynthesis to acquire nutrients, so he “prefers dry and sunny climates, since he spends the day basking in the sun”.

Scarlet and Purple Legendary Pokemon


Koraidon in Pok

  • “In Pokmon Scarlet you will meet the Legendary Pokmon Koraidon. It is said that the power of these mysterious Pokmon surpasses that of any other, but there is little information about them.”
  • Is he legendary pokemon of the edition Scarlet. It has an appearance similar to that of a dragon and can transform to serve as a vehicle to the protagonist. With the Carrera Face it becomes a kind of motorcycle, although it runs on all fours. With Physioma Nado “it transforms its neck into a buoyancy device and extends the membranes between its fingers to propel itself in the water”. Finally, the Gliding Physiology allows him to “take advantage of the air currents to glide” by “uncoiling the antennae of the head and forming wings”.


    Miraidon in Pok

  • “In Pokemon Purple you will meet the legendary Pokemon Miraidon. It is said that the power of these mysterious Pokemon surpasses that of any other, but there is little information about them.”
  • miraidon is the legendary pokemon of the edition purple. Like the previous one, it can take various forms that will help us run, swim and fly. Instead of Physiomas, this Pokmon has three modes: In Race Mode it “accelerates by generating power with its tail and neck, which transform into discs shaped like wheels”, in Float Mode it swims with both the discs and thrusters, and in Glide Mode “the Miraidon’s antennae extend and reveal a membrane of energy with which he can soar through the air.”

    Regional forms of Paldea

    Paldea Wooper

    Wooper from Paldea in Pok

    • Category: Poison Fish Pokemon
    • Guy: Poison and Earth
    • Height: 0.4m
    • Weight: 11kg
    • Ability: Toxic Point or Absorbs Water

    Wooper is the first Pokemon confirmed to have a regional form in Paldea. At the moment it is also the only one. As usual, his new form not only changes his appearance but also his type: he is now Poison and Earth. It now lives not in water, but on dry land, and “protects its body with a toxic membrane”. He has a heavy physiognomy and moves slowly. In addition, the poisonous liquid that it shoots from its gills can poison other Pokemon in the area.

    Pokemon that return from other deliveries

    Although there is still no official list of all the Pokmon that we can capture in Scarlet and Purple, thanks to the three trailers that have been published so far we can know which creatures from previous installments of the saga will appear in one way or another in Paldea. So far they have been recognized a total of 82 Pokemon from other generations that will appear in the new game. You can see the full list below:


    • Altarian
    • Arcanine
    • Azumarill
    • Bagon
    • Beartic
    • cacnea
    • cacturne
    • chewtle
    • coalossal
    • Cryogonal
    • cub choo
    • Cufant
    • deerling
    • Donphan
    • dragonair
    • dragonite
    • Drednaw
    • Driftblim
    • Drifloon
    • electrical
    • eevee
    • Eiscue
    • Finneon
    • Flaaffy
    • flabb
    • fletching
    • Gardevoir
    • Gastly
    • Gengar
    • Girafarig
    • gogoat
    • Golduck
    • growlithe
    • Gyarados
    • Hariyama
    • hatterene
    • haunter
    • hippowdon
    • Honchkrow
    • hoppip
    • Houndoom
    • houndour
    • Hydreigon
    • Larvitate
    • Lilligant
    • Lurantis
    • luxurious
    • luxray
    • Magnemite
    • mauhita
    • tide
    • Misdreavus
    • Mismagius
    • Mudray
    • Murkrow
    • noibat
    • Noivern
    • Pachirisu
    • Pelipper
    • Persian
    • Pikachu
    • Pineco
    • Polteageist
    • psyduck
    • Pyukumuku
    • rockruff
    • broken
    • Sawsbuck
    • Scizor
    • Sinistea
    • Skiddo
    • slacking
    • slow king
    • snorunt
    • stonejourner
    • sunflora
    • Sylveon
    • talonflame
    • Toxapex
    • Tsareena
    • Venonat
    • Vigoroth

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