All the details about online mode in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

all the details about online mode in super mario bros.

Tom Henry

All the details about online mode in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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There has been a lot of talk today about Super Mario Bros. Wonder. First, because we have attended Nintendo’s special presentation with a dedicated Direct, and second, because we have also been able to offer you our first-hand impressions thanks to our Joy-Con test at Gamescom last week.

And one of the things that will be talked about the most in the coming weeks about the game is its online multiplayer mode, something we were able to talk about face to face with the game’s producer, Takashi Tezuka, and its director Shiro Mouri, and how they faced the development of this new function. “In this game, our goal is a 2D Mario game with a new type of online experience.” explains Mouri in the interview that you can see below these lines. “What we came up with in terms of a concept for the online game was to have or create casual connections. And what I mean by this casual connection is that you can have the same type of experience as single player.”

“And because matchmaking runs in the background, you don’t have to wait for it to happen. When you play online, other players playing simultaneously around the world will appear on your screen as shadows of live players.”

But the online mode also brought some substantial changes in how we perceive the control of the characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, since there will be some, as explained precisely in the Direct, such as Caco Gazapo or Yoshi who will be immune to damage. But the most striking thing is that the physics of these characters have been balanced, and for example we can no longer bounce or push another character so that they fall into the void or crash into an enemy. These systems have been removed in favor of that cooperative experience that those responsible for Wonder want to flourish between unknown players. “We think it’s a new online experience that can be enjoyed by many different types of people.”

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