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All the easter eggs of The Last of Us T1x01 on HBO and references to the video game


All the easter eggs of The Last of Us T1x01 on HBO and references to the video game

The Last of Us It has been released to an overwhelmingly positive reception by the viewers. There would be few, oblivious to the world they got into, how many rules the first chapter was going to skip, such as not harming children. However, those who have played have you seen any reference or wink which, logically, is something that the general public will not have seen.

We review with you the easter egg for gamers which can be seen during the Chapter 1: When you get lost in the dark. Of course we are going to ignore details that are too general, as it can be that things happen the same or in the same scenario, these are things that, obviously, are part of a successful adaptation. For obvious reasons, we entered spoiler territory.

Sarah’s T-shirt

Actually we could talk in general about how the clothes of the actors are very similar to that of the characters in the game, in some characters more than in others. But in the case of Sarahthe daughter of Joel, we can see that she is wearing exactly the same shirt.

It is a t-shirt a Halican Drops toura fictional musical group from the universe The Last of Us.

The greeting card

The series begins, just like the game, the Joel’s birthday. We are in a family with little money so it is normal that Sarah gave me a greeting card to your father. In both cases, it is a card with a dinosaur. The detail located it Alexandria Neonakiswho was in charge precisely of designing the card for the game.

It is curious that the card do not be part of the collectibles of the game, right?

The infected old woman

It is one of the more tense sequences of the chapter, but it is expressly designed to further burden those who played to the game. The viewer new to this universe will be nervous about what is seen in the background, but only players they will be waiting to hear the old woman snap. Which doesn’t happen trolling cruelly to the public gamer. Yeah, then you realize it hasn’t been infected yet and wouldn’t make the noise, but honestly, you did not expect to hear the noise at that moment?

TLOU Easter eggs on HBO: infected old woman in chair


This detail is completely out of place and even game. On the last night before civilization is to be taken for granted, Joel and Sarah see a movie: Curtis and Viper 2that a neighbor has lent him.

Easter eggs from TLOU on HBO: car

This movie appears in The Last of Us – Part II but again, not as an artifact. It is a movie Ellie mentions to Dina, stating that joel is a big fan of the franchise. It seems to us a easter egg doublesince, for those who know the plot, it will somehow connect Joel’s “second daughter” with the first in a very trivial detail.

The getaway by car

The getaway sequence is nailed to that of the original game (to the point that, at the intersection, the police cars are going in the same direction and the signals are the same). In fact, if we have to point out a difference, it is that the burning farm is on the opposite side Of the road.

Easter eggs from TLOU on HBO: se

Nevertheless we will not focus on this What easter egg main part of this section of the chapter. The sequence has a odd angle at first, a way of recording a bit strange for this kind of space. Without reaching Children of Men, it seemed like a small nod to the players, who could control the camera and rotate it throughout the journey.

Digging in the backpack

How many times do you see that in a movie or series a character stops to rummage through a backpack? As a general rule, simply reach back with your hand and the object will be conveniently within reach. Avoid losing seconds that may be necessary for another sequence, it gives dynamism. However, at one point in the chapter, we see how Joel and Tess get together. they stop, bend over, remove their backpacks and searchto give their weapons.

TLOU Easter eggs on HBO: Joel takes his gun out of his backpack

It is impossible not to associate it with the classic movement that you will have to do when rummaging through your inventory. With weapons, however, it will only be until you get the gun holsters.

Lurking Clickers

The final scene, with the leaning towers, is generally quite overwhelming. The spectator new to this world may believe that it is nothing more than a stage, that it is part of the decoration, but the players know that towers are part of the journey. Is where The Last of Us us introduce the clickersand where the public of the series will be able to get acquainted with them… but it is that They are already presented to us in that same scene. Don’t you believe us? Look at this frame that belongs to the final sequence of the chapterwhen the camera shows the rooks.

TLOU Easter eggs on HBO: hidden clicker in the final sequence

Evidently, in the static image it does not look goodbut if you reproduce that sequence of the chapter and look where we indicated, when the lightning flashes illuminate the area, you can see a clicker. The bug squirms, so it’s hard not to see it knowing where to look.

exist many other references and some details that we could relate but that we do not consider easter egg but simply part of the adaptation. For example, the escape from the city part at the end, the sequence with the leaning towersthat Robert bites the dust but in a quite different way…

This same weekend it will be released the second chapter and we’ll see if can be located more easter egg and references that make players smile.

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