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All the games just announced for Nintendo Switch at the Future Games Show

again the list of upcoming Nintendo Switch releases it has recently been updated with new games that are on their way to the console. Here we bring you several that have been confirmed today in the Future Games Show.

Games for Nintendo Switch

As on previous occasions, in the list that we leave you below you can take a look at the games along with their release date, price and details:

  • BookyPets – March 30, 2023

BookyPets Legends transports children to the other side of the universe, the magical kingdom of Imaginatios that is inhabited by all the characters from fairy tales and by magical creatures with book-shaped wings, the BookyPets!

  • Super Cute Alien’s Adventure – April 7, 2023 for $10

Super-Cute Alien’s Adventure is a classic 2D platform game where you play as Oozi, an alien spaceship pilot who has crash-landed on planet Earth, lost his spacesuit, and needs to find his way home.

  • pizza possum – Without date

Life is good when you are an opossum. You can eat as much as you want, and there is no one who can stop you. Well, except for all the watchdogs that patrol the town you’re in. But really, who are they to stop you? Also, if they do chase you, a quick hide in the bushes will often save you and get them off your trail. So what are you waiting for? Time to eat!


On the other hand, it has been confirmed that Decarnation will be released for Nintendo Switch in May, still without a specific date. This is the released trailer:

Additionally, The Fox Awaits Me HANA is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 2, 2023 with English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese as language options.


Ak-Xolotl has also released this trailer, but has not confirmed a date:


And Go-Go Town has also offered this trailer for its premiere, scheduled for 2024 on Nintendo Switch:

Finally, Mika and the Witch’s Mountain has shown the following trailer for its premiere on Nintendo Switch, scheduled for this year with no specific date:


What do you think? Does any catch your attention for the Nintendo Switch eShop? Do not hesitate to leave it below in the comments.