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all the news in iOS 17

all the news in ios 17

Those from Cupertino want to make a quality leap in their software, in various ways, and as always, Apple’s argument is the user. To be more specific, the health of the users, and although what we are going to see can be very useful to more than one, the reality that it hides and that we must be clear about when using this Apple Health App in iOS 17 it is that we are delivering data as valuable as our physical and mental health. But if this is not something you value, then what the company has introduced into its iPhone and iPad it may be to your liking.

Security, something that Apple has valued so much for some time now, is very much in question with this application. Health is possibly the most important thing we have, be it physical or mental, so, although this criticism of the privacy policy that Apple faces here with its App is for another article, everyone be warned, let’s go with the news and that each one decide what is best for yourself and your privacy.


Apple Health App in iOS 17: mental health, eye health and medications on your iPhone or iPad

iOS 17 Health App

Surely the Well-being section promulgated by Apple is useful for many, and the truth is that it is interesting to analyze, especially its news. We will start with everything that iOS 17 has given of itself within the section State of mind.

What is tried here is to monitor the user’s emotions on a daily basis, so that the company can offer us a general image of our mental state. To achieve this general image we will have to enter, with a sliding bar in between, our state, which will have to be predefined by the App itselfthat is, we cannot put or enter anything, we just have to select from the options that iOS 17 and Health App give us the one that best suits us at that moment.

That parameter unlocks the next screen, which will present adjectives so that we select the ones that best represent our state of mind. Finally, Apple will ask us what is causing us this state. The options vary between health, fitness, family, friends, partner, dating, weather, money and current eventswith no option to enter anything on the device, just select one or more of these options.

After this, iOS 17 through the Health App will draw up some schemes that can be consulted daily, weekly or monthly, offering advice to improve our Mental Well-being. Finally, we will have the possibility of taking a questionnaire to find out if we suffer from mental illnessso that we can be aware and go to a health professional.


Eye Health by Apple

iOS 17 Health App 5

We anticipated it a few months ago, since those on the block want to take care of our eyes. Most are aimed at children, since they are the least aware, but they can be used by adults without any problem.

The function already has a name, and will be called screen distance, or screen distance. The goal is to reduce eye strain from prolonged exposure to the phone or tablet very close to the eyes. If we activate it, an alert will warn us when we stick too much to the terminal, warning us that we have to move it away.

The recommendation is 12 inches apart, that is, about 30cmsomething that will also help us in part with the next point, which is the daily daylight hours.


iOS 17 Health App 6

Apple assumes that if we take certain hours of light a day it is because we do not have the phone in our hands and therefore our eyes do not get tired. Those of Cupertino affirm that they must pass between 80 minutes and 120 minutes outdoors to reduce the risk of myopia.

This section will tell us if we are complying with this guideline and even if we need to comply with it, day by day, or however we want to configure it temporarily.

medication reminder

apple meds

It is aimed at people who are very forgetful, or older people. It allows you to create alarms on times and days to remind us that we have to take our medicine on duty. Alerts can be postpone for a second alert 30 minutes later if necessary, even if the phone is on silent.


Going back to the privacy issue that we talked about at the beginning, there is something curious to end with. And it is that the iPhone will collect health data, but the iPad will not, although it can display it without problems. This is curious and we assume that it is because iOS 17 with the Health App arrived later than the iPhone, so it is foreseeable that it will end up sending said data to Apple’s servers, even if they are “anonymous”.

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