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All the races and DLC of Total War Warhammer 1, 2 and 3: which ones to buy?

This Thursday, February 16, coinciding with its first anniversary, Total War: Warhammer 3 received the single player macro campaEsports ExtrasImmortal Empires (immortal empires in USA). The 2.4.0 update of Creative Assembly’s strategy game for PC (included in Game Pass) takes that campaEsports Extrasout of beta, which combines Total War: Warhammer 3 all the campaEsports Extrascontents of the saga.

how it works Immortal Empires?

immortal empires supposes that in the same campaEsports Extrasthey are unified all maps of the campaigns of Total War: Warhammer, Total War: Warhammer 2 and the third installment, as well as its Legendary lords, war units, functionsmechanical…


Although to access the mode just have Total War: Warhammer 3, to get the most out of it, it is preferable to have the other games and/or their DLC. So, if you only have Total War: Warhammer IIIyou can access the full campaign, but only with the included legendary races and Lords with the base game.


But the options can be greatly expanded. If you have Total War: Warhammer either Total War: Warhammer 2all his factions and legendary Lords are unlocked. It same goes for any DLC: if you have it in your account, its units are available in immortal empires. You can even buy DLC for those games without actually owning it to use in the macro campaign.

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Below we detail the races that each game and each additional content includes; all of them can be used in immortal empires. And don’t forget to claim all the free DLC of each game (eg Bretonnia in the first)! A note: some of the Legendary Lords and Lords are repeated in various DLC, which we indicate with an asterisk.

total war warhammer

races of Total War: Warhammer 1

  • Empire: Emperor Karl Franz, Balthasar Gelt
  • Dwarves: Thorgrim Grievance Keeper, Grombrindal*, Thorek Ironbrow*, Ungrim Ironfist
  • Vampire Counts: Mannfred von Carstein, Heinrich Kemmler, Vlad von Carstein*, Isabella von Carstein*
  • Greenskins: Grimgor Ironhide, Azhag the Butcher, Wurrzag the Great Green Prophet*

DLC for Total War Warhammer 1

  • Bretonnia: Bretonnia (Louen Leoncoeur*, Alberic*, Fairy Sorceress*) – Gratuitous
  • Chaos Warriors: Warriors of Chaos (Sigvald the Magnificent, Kholek Suneater, Archan the Chosen) – 7.99
  • Call of the Beastmen: Beastmen (Khazrak One-Eyed, Malagor the Dark Prophet, Morghur the Shadowbringer) – 18.99
  • The Grim and the Grave: Empire (Volkmar the Shadow) and Vampire Counts (Helman Ghorst, Vlad von Carstein*, Isabella von Carstein*) – 8.99
  • The King and the Warlord: Dwarves (Belegar Ironhammer, Thorek Ironbrow*, Grombrindal*) and Greenskins (Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks, Wurrzag The Great Green Prophet*) – 8.99
  • Realm of the Wood Elves: Wood Elves (Orion, Durthu, Drycha) – 18.99
  • Norska: Raiding tribes of Norsca and Wintertooth (Wulfrik the Wanderer, Throgg) – 9.99
total war warhammer 2

races of Total War: Warhammer 2

  • Dark Elves: Malekith, Morathi, Lokhir Fellheart*, Rakarth*
  • Lizardmen: Chieftain Mazdamundi, Kroq-Gar, Tiktaqto*, Gor-Rok*
  • High Elves: Tyrion, Teclis, Alith Anar*, Imrik*
  • Skaven: Queek the Head Collector, Lord Skrolk, Tretch Cowardtail*
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DLC for Total War Warhammer 2

  • Rise of the Tomb Kings: Tomb Kings (Settra the Undying, Great Queen Khalida, Great Hierophant Khatep, and Arkhan the Black) – 18.99
  • The Queen and the Crone: High Elves (Alarielle the Everqueen, Imrik*, Alith Anar*) and Dark Elves (Elder Hellebron, Lokhir Fellheart*, Rakarth*) – 9.99
  • Curse of the Vampire Coast: Vampire Coast (Luthor Harkon, Count Noctulis, Aranessa Saltspite, Cylostra Direfin) – 18.99
  • The Prophet and the Warlock: Lizardmen (Tehenhauin, Gor-Rok*, Tiktaqto*) and Skaven (Ikit Claw, Tretch Cowardtail*) – 9.99
  • The Hunter and the Beast: Empire (Markus Wulfhart) and Lizardmen (Nakai the Wanderer, Gor-Rok*, Tiktaqto*) – 9.99
  • The Shadow and the Blade: Dark Elves (Malus Darkblade, Rakarth*, Lokhir Fellheart*) and Skaven (Master of Death Snikch, Tretch Cowardtail*) – 9.99
  • The Warden and the Paunch: Greenskins (Grom the Potbellied, Wurrzag The Great Green Prophet*) and High Elves (Eltharion, Imrik*, Alith Anar*) – 9.99
  • The Twisted and the Twilight: Skaven (Throt the Filthy, Tretch Cowardtail*) and Wood Elves (Sisters of the Twilight) – 9.99
  • The Silence and the Fury: Beastmen (Taurox) and Lizardmen (Oxyotl, Gor-Rok*, Tiktaqto*) – 9.99
total war warhammer 3

races of Total War: Warhammer 3

  • khorne: Skarbrand the Exile
  • nurgle: Ku’gath Scourgefather
  • Tzeentch: Kairos Fateweaver
  • slanesh: N’Kari
  • Kislev: Tzarina Katarin, Kostaltyn, Boris Ursus
  • Great Cathay: Miao Ying, Zhao Ming
  • Chaos Daemons: Demon Prince ‘Daniel’
  • Chaos Warriors: Be’lakor
  • Bretonnia: King Louen Leoncoeur*, Alberic de Bordeleaux*, Fairy Enchantress*, Repanse de Lyonesse*
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DLC for Total War Warhammer 3

  • Ogre Kingdoms: Ogres (Greasytooth, Skrag the Butcher) – 11.99
  • Champions of Chaos: Warriors of Chaos (Valkia the Bloodthirsty, Vilitch the Accursed, Azazel Prince of Damnation, Festus Lord of Leeches) – 15.99