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All Today’s Nintendo Switch Announcements At Gamescom 2023 Future Games Show

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again the list of upcoming Nintendo Switch releases it has recently been updated with new games that are on their way to the console. Here we bring you several that have been confirmed today at the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2023.

Games for Nintendo Switch

As on previous occasions, in the list that we leave you below you can take a look at the games along with their release date, price and details:

  • worldless – October 4, 2023

Set in an abstract and atmospheric world, Worldless is an adventure platformer featuring a turn-based action combat system that requires strategy and timing to succeed. An intricate skill tree adds new dimensions to combat, opens up new avenues for you to explore and discover the game’s many secrets, and reflects the game’s themes of growth and understanding.

  • Dome King Cabbage – Without date

Dome-King Cabbage is an award-winning visual novel about a cloud person named Mush who nervously heads off to a job interview. Mush has to deal with his ability to perceive the world through the lens of a monster collecting RPG.

  • Girl Genius: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne – Without date

Girl Genius: Adventures in Castle Heterodyne is an action adventure set in a Steampunk interpretation of old Europe. Combine comic visuals with a stylized 3D environment. The steampunk inspirations that Rain has shown her aptitude for in previous games are once again on full, dazzling display.

  • Phantom Spark – Without date

The vivid world of Phantom Spark features a host of memorable characters that you will compete against during the game’s single player campaign. Meet the guardians of each track, then use your knowledge and skills to defeat them in 1v1 races to create bonds, unlock new levels, and new aesthetically altered ships as you progress through the game.

  • Wild Country – Without date

Wild Country is a cozy competitive card game where everything falls into place and has been confirmed for a future release on Switch.

In addition, AK-xolotl has been confirmed for September 14, 2023 with this trailer:


On the other hand, The Last Faith has been delayed until November of this year with this trailer:


It’s a Wrap has been confirmed for August 31, 2023. The visual novel 2045, Tsuki Yori will be released on December 21, 2023. Also, Bloomtown: A Different Story will be released in Q2 2024 and has released this trailer :

What do you think? Does any catch your attention for the Nintendo Switch eShop? Do not hesitate to leave it below in the comments.