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All VALORANT Champions 2022 Twitch Drops

This August 31 started the VALORANT Champions 2022. we have already lived the first two matches of the competition, where we have encountered unique clashes. Away from the matches, we also find content for the game itself. there we have the bundle of the Champions 2022 and a completely free event pass.

However, these are not the only gifts that we can get. And it is that Riot Games and Twitch They offer us drops to see the matches of the international competition on the platform. claim these drops It is not complicated and we are going to show you how to do it so that you can have them in your VALORANT account.


So you can get the drops VALORANT Champions 2022

Getting all these rewards is not difficult. We simply have to follow a series of fairly simple steps that will allow us to get the gifts.

  • The first thing is to go to the official channels of Twitter either Youtube by VALORANT. In the case of USA we have the Professional Video Game League (LVP). When you access the transmission you will see a tab that indicates «activated drops«.
  • Of course, We must also have our account connected shooter with the one on Twitch.
  • We will have to watch the broadcasts during the time indicated.
  • When these steps are fulfilled, we will receive the drop and we can claim it on our account.

Among all the rewards we find the title «Fire«, which will be available from August 31 to September 13. Between September 16 and 17 we will get the Spray «Curse of VCT 2022 Champions«. Finally, in the Grand Final on September 18 they will give us the «VCT 2022 Champions Hero«.

These are all drops that Riot Games and Twitch offer us throughout this VALORANT Champions 2022. Run and claim them before it’s too late and you run out of them.


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