Alleged details of The Last of Us Part 3 and the multiplayer project are leaked

Tom Henry

alleged details of the last of us part 3 and

Two informations related to Naughty Dog from acquaintances insiders have appeared in the last few daysone of The Last of Us Part III and another that will be The Last of Us Onlinethe multiplayer that according to what was officially said will still need a little more time.

The first leak comes from Daniel “DanielRPK” Richtman, who in an article on his Patreon talks about a casting of characters who survive on the outskirts of a post-apocalyptic city, crammed into a Victorian mansion that would serve as their base. Five characters are named for which actors are needed: Lucas, Mason, Val, Ezra, and Gracis. Supposedly Ezra will try to wrest control of the house from Val.

Yes ok DanielRPK treats him like The Last of Us 3it seems more probable that it is -if we assume that it is true- a history content of factions 2 either TLOU Onlinesince no known character is mentioned and It sounds like the premise for a development with cooperative missions.

The Last of Us 3 motion capture begins?

The second information comes from ViewerAnona insider specialized in movies and series that already had ensured that Naughty Dog’s next single-player game was The Last of Us Part 3. As he comments on Twitter, he has heard that “Ellie is at least as important as she was in Part 2” and that they are already preparing for the “shooting” [captura de movimientos] and sound recording this year.

The studio stated that there were some ideas for a third game but whether it would be Naughty Dog’s next project was up in the air. “Our team will continue working on the project [TLOU Online] and in other running games, including a completely new single player experience“It was said in the statement about the delay in multiplayer news.

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