Alphabet shares soar after Google Bard arrives in Europe

Tom Henry

alphabet shares soar after google bard arrives in europe

The use of AI has spread to such an extent where it is very common for us to use ChatGPT for many tasks. Whether in companies or for individual use, artificial intelligence has proven its great utility. Despite the fact that the ChatGPT chatbot has no rival to beat it, Google Bard is arguably the closest in terms of functionality. the chatbot google bard recently expanded to other countries such as Europe and Brazilcausing the Alphabet shares soar.

When we use an AI like ChatGPT, we can get answers to all those questions that we can’t find on the Internet. Google search will be useful for finding information about something short and specific, but it is not ideal for finding the answer to a question. On the other hand, ChatGPT does a better job in this aspect, since instead of visiting dozens of websiteswill give us the answer directly. Beyond that, its possibilities are endless, being able to perform the tasks that we ask of it.

Alphabet shares rise 4.9% after Bard’s arrival in Europe

Google Bard Europe can talk

Many have wanted to beat OpenAI and its awesome AI chatbot, but so far, no one has succeeded. Of all the companies that have wanted to be a competition, Google and its AI chatbot called Bard, is the one that has come closest. After all, Bard has the same purpose as ChatGPT, but what it looked like in theory is not so in practice. Bard and ChatGPT have been compared, making the Google alternative inferior.

Google may not have made Bard a direct rival to ChatGPT, but news of it coming to Europe and Brazil has sent Alphabet’s shares soaring. Alphabet is the parent company of Google and has more than 75,000 employees worldwide, in addition to more than a dozen subsidiaries. This is considered the fourth largest company in the world in terms of market capitalization and its shares are up 4.9% after arriving to announce Bard’s arrival in Europe. These have gone from costing $119.15 at $124.43 current.

Alphabet shares are up 41% in 2023

google alphabet

Google Bard had an initial release where it was released in almost every country in the world, but he did not arrive in USA. This is due to the new rules of the European Union, data transparency and consumer protection. This has been the same thing that has caused the Threads social network to be unavailable in our territory. That the chatbot has already reached Europe marks a milestone, since it has managed to pass the tests of security and privacy from local regulators.

In addition to finally arriving in our country, Google Bard now can respond with voice in more than 40 languagessomething that has probably also influenced the growth of the shares of alphabet. Since the company has jumped headlong into the generative AI space, its shares have risen a 41% in so far this year. Similarly, Microsoft has experienced a rise in 42% throughout 2023.

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