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Amazon brings a new MMORPG to Steam, Xbox and PS5 in 2023 – with PvE, story focus and very different from New World

At the Game Awards, Amazon announced it would take over Blue Protocol’s publishing in the west. The new . comes from Japan and focuses heavily on PvE and story content. We at MeinMMO conducted an interview with Mike Zadorojny, the franchise lead at Amazon.

What is the new info? Blue Protocol will be released in 2023 not only in Japan, but also here in the West. Amazon will release it for PC on Steam in the second half of the year, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It will be Free2Play.

The anime . offers a deep and exciting story, dungeons, raids and completely dispenses with PvP. You can read the exact details of Blue Protocol here.


Below you will find the interview that we spoke to Mike Zadorojny about the general direction of the game, the story and the shop. It should be different in the West than in Japan.

A linear but gripping story about time travel

MeinMMO: Would you like to introduce us to Blue Protocol in more detail?

Mike: Blue Protocol is a massively multiplayer online action role-playing game with beautiful cel-shaded graphics. It’s essentially anime brought to life. It is jointly developed by Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios and will be published by Amazon Games for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in North America, South America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand in the second half of 2023.


As the player, you are the titular character who wakes up not knowing who or where he is, and you embark on this journey to meet other characters who will accompany you on the adventure through space and time while reclaiming your memories .

The game features a very intuitive action combat. It’s very, very easy to learn and play. It’s basically designed for a controller with simple inputs, but it also offers deep customization options.

Here’s the trailer from the Game Awards:

Blue Protocol: Gameplay Trailer

Blue Protocol is designed to be played in co-op, but also solo. Character customization gives you the opportunity to create your own anime avatar and become the hero of your own anime adventure, so to speak.

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You can play through the game from start to finish, but it’s also designed as an MMO, so you can play with up to six players in open fields and dungeons, or team up with large groups to complete raids with rare rewards.

MeinMMO: As you already mentioned, the focus of Blue Protocol is on the compelling story. Can you give us details about the scope of the story? And is it more linear or can we make decisions?

Mike: The story will have a certain number of chapters at the start and will then be constantly expanded with live updates. As for length, of course it will depend on the player and their play style. But like I said, it’s designed to be completed on its own as well.


If players want to, they can take their time as they experience this intricate storyline that will take them through time and space.

At least in the first parts, the story is pretty linear, so there aren’t that many branchings. But there are elements where the player chooses what to play and which allies to choose for it. But for starters, it’s really about taking players on this amazing journey that really focuses on delving into the traditional anime story elements.

Blue Protocol City 2

MeinMMO: What about leveling up new classes? For many players this is an important element.

Mike: It’s actually quite easy because you can change the classes of the characters at any time. So if you only want to play one character, you absolutely can. However, each class has a different level.


You can also play alts if you want, for example if you want a different personality or look.

Small areas, dungeons and raids, but not a bit of PvP

MeinMMO: Blue Protocol does not have a classic open world, but relies on instanced areas with a maximum number of players. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this in your opinion?

Mike: I think it’s an advantage because it allows zones to scale seamlessly. So you never get to a crowded place because there is a limited number of players there.

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But when you walk in for a wedding, it’s very easy to have the same experience that you would have if there weren’t so many players online.

MeinMMO: Dungeons and raids should play an important role in Blue Protocol. Will there be matchmaking for this or do you have to put the group together in advance?


Mike: For dungeons and raids you can create groups in both ways. You can either put together a group or be added directly in matchmaking.

MeinMMO: It was initially said that there would be no PvP in Blue Protocol. Is this still the current status?

Mike: This still applies to the version at the start. There is currently no PvP content. However, there are some competitive dungeons for players, but there is no active fighting against other players.


MeinMMO: The press release mentions echoes accompanying the players. What exactly can we imagine by that?

Mike: Echoes are essentially a crafting skill that allows players to summon some of the monsters or characters they are fighting. Or they can summon allies to come in for a short summoning skill and then go away.

It’s basically another option that allows players to customize their abilities.


Crossplay, localization and real money shop information

MeinMMO: Blue Protocol is supposed to be released for PC and consoles. What about crossplay or crossave between platforms?

mike: We won’t have more information about this until next year.

MeinMMO: Will the game appear on Steam, like Lost Ark and New World?


mike: Yes, for PC it will appear on Steam.

MeinMMO: Will there be a German localization and soundtrack for the game?

mike: We are committed to ensuring that the texts are all in German. And right now we have the English and Japanese voice overs and we are pushing for additional language support. We’ll be able to say more about that next year.


MeinMMO: The . will be Free2Play. Can you give us details about the shop?

Mike: Blue Protocol is a completely free game with optional in-game purchases. We will have Founders Packs that will give you access to our beta events next year. Additionally, there will be bundles that will be released along with new content. There will be an in-game store where players can purchase items in a variety of ways. There’s what we call the Capsule Beta, which are random cosmetic items for costumes, mounts, and weapon skins.

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But Amazon’s core values ​​are that we make sure it’s a fun and fair experience, so you don’t have to buy those things to really experience or use the game.

MeinMMO: So the shop will differ between the version in Japan and ours?

mike: It won’t be quite the same because we’re making changes specifically for the western market. We want a desEsports Extrasthat suits western players and find our own ways to satisfy the players.


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Blue Protocol caters more to the mainstream than New World and Lost Ark

MeinMMO: What makes the . so interesting and do you think it can keep up with the successes of New World and Lost Ark?

mike: I think Blue Protocol manages to do something that the other Amazon Games titles don’t, which is the unique art style and accessibility. It’s also more of a mainstream or casual game as it’s designed to be very accessible.


We’re aiming for a T rating for teens, so we’re really trying to make sure everyone can experience the game with their friends and family. And then of course the ridiculously complicated and deep storyline because it’s an anime that’s going to have its rough edges, the twists and turns, who’s your boyfriend and who’s cheating on you, and so on.

MeinMMO: Thank you Mike for taking the time for us.

What are your thoughts on the new Blue Protocol information? Does the . appeal to you? And what do you think about Amazon taking over the publishing?


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