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Amazon gives you 15 games for free throughout May, and one is a piece of RPG with a 94% rating on Steam

amazon gives you 15 games for free throughout may, and

It’s Christmas! Or almost, because we are in April, it is hot and summer is imminently approaching. However, Amazon Prime Gaming wants to give us a new Christmas late, or early, giving us 15 games during all the Month of May.


If you don’t know, Amazon Prime Gaming gives away games every month without asking for anything in return, just pay for the Amazon Prime subscription. Yes, you also have content in game for games like Overwatch 2 or Destiny 2. As for the Blizzard game, you have a boost of 5 levels of the battle pass, although only the free one.

Of course, we are not here to talk about those games, but about those that Prime Gaming gives us. Let’s see them:


  • May 4: STAR WARS: Rogue Squadron 3D
  • May 4: Super Sidekicks
  • May 4: Samurai Shodown IV
  • May 11: Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition
  • May 11: Lake
  • May 11: Robo Army
  • May 11: Last Resort
  • May 18: Cardboard Kings
  • May 18: The Almost Gone
  • May 18: 3 Count Out
  • May 18: Alpha Mission 2
  • May 25: Lila’s Sky Ark
  • May 25: Agatha Knife
  • May 25: King of the Monsters 2
  • May 25: Kizuna Encounter

As we have said, you have to enter the Amazon Prime Gaming website and select “Claim” in each of the games in the promotion. Of course, you also have a 30-day free trial to enjoy all these games. Also don’t forget that until next May 4 we still have Wolfenstein: The New Order or The Beast Inside available in the catalog.