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Amazon Prime will raise its price in Spain almost 40% more from September

The cost of the annual subscription to the service will go from costing 36 euros to 49.90 euros per year.

Amazon Prime will raise its price in USA almost 40% more from September

If this morning you woke up to a surprise email from Amazon, don’t worry, the same thing happened to us. The multinational has taken advantage of the early morning to inform its users that will increase the price of the subscription to Amazon Prime from September 15which has generated some stir among users.

The annual plan will go from 36 to 49.90 eurosIn this way, from that day on, the price of the subscription will vary from 3.99 euros per month to 4.99 euros and, in the case of annual plan, will increase from 36 euros to 49.90 euros. Despite this, USA is still behind other European countries (in Germany it costs 89.90 or in the United Kingdom 95 pounds) and the United States, where an increase was announced months ago that raises the cost to 139 dollars per year.

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The explanation offered by Amazon for having increased the price of the service to 50 euros is rising inflation, ensuring that it is due to external circumstances that do not depend on the company. As we say, it will be effective as of September 15, including those who have their annual renewal scheduled for a day after that date.


This news is important for video game fans, since the Amazon Prime service, in addition to free shipping, Prime Video or access to Amazon Music Prime, includes benefits on the streaming platform Twitch, free titles and extras for games as a service.

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Amazon Prime will raise its price in USA almost 40% more from September

Next, the mail that they have sent to the users:

“From September 15, 2022, the price of the monthly Prime subscription will increase from €3.99 to €4.99/month and the price of the annual Prime subscription will increase from €36.00 to €49.90 €/year The new price, according to the plan you have subscribed to, will apply to renewals made after September 15, 2022. You can check your next renewal date, change your plan, or cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account.”

They mention inflation as the main reason“We are making this change based on and in accordance with Clause 5 of the Amazon Prime Terms and Conditions. The reasons for this change are due to the general and material increase in spending levels due to the increase in inflation that affects the specific costs of the service Prime in USA and are due to external circumstances that do not depend on Amazon. We continue to strive to improve Amazon Prime service for our customers.”

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All of this is happening as Amazon applies several changes to its various platforms, with a plan to increase ads on Twitch by rewarding those who place more ads during their live broadcasts, while content creators get less money from the revenue division. , with Twitch going to keep 50% instead of 30%.

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