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AMD is Starfield’s preferred partner, but the Sun only shines with NVIDIA cards – Xbox

amd is starfield's preferred partner, but the sun only shines

AMD and Bethesda announced an exclusive collaboration where AMD would be the exclusive PC partner on Starfield. In the end and over time, we began to realize the deal that this collaboration included, such as the absence of support for DLSS and worse performance in GeForce graphics. Starfield arrives 100% optimized for AMD hardwarethat is, Radeon GPUs on the graphics side and Ryzen processors on the CPU side, but it seems that it has not done all its homework with NVIDIA hardware.

However, it seems that Radeon graphics GPU users have started complaining all over the web that the game is not properly rendering the sun on the RX 6000 or RX 7000 series cards. The issue could be present on the cards as well. older Polaris-based RX 400 and 500 series, as well as the RDNA 1-based RX 5000 series GPUs.


The Problem Detected by Users

The peculiarity of this problem is that, on Nvidia GeForce GPUs, the sun is represented correctly, while on Radeon systems (which is where it should perform better), apparently, the sky or objects are illuminated without the source, that is, the sun, is present. The alarm was raised by a Reddit user named Seblique, who noticed the absence of the sun in his sky. Soon, other users on Steam also started spotting the issue. However, it is interesting that some claim that they do not experience this error.

The best example of this problem was provided by Reddit user Yorax, who uploaded demonstrative examples of the same sceneone at AMD where there is no sun and one at Nvidia where the sun is clearly visible:

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