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AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS appears in Cinebench, battles with i9-12900HX

Today we come across a processor from the Phoenix series, specifically it is the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS, which was shown by the Cinebench R23 benchmarking software. This processor, despite being of the mid-range, is quite powerful, since we are talking about a Ryzen 7 being capable of stand up to a Core i9Of course, from the Alder Lake family (12th Gen).

As usual, this leak came from the Chinese social network Bilibili through the user “Golden Pig”. After the jump, we will tell you about the specifications of this CPU, and the performance that it was able to reap in the most popular benchmark for CPUs.


AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS: Specifications of this 8-core CPU


This processor makes use of 8 cores and 16 processing threads under architecture AMD Zen 4 and the manufacturing process 4nm FinFET from TSMC. These cores operate at a Base frequency of 3.80GHzreaching the 5.10GHz at Turbo frequencies. These cores are accompanied by 8 MB of level 2 (L2) cache along with 16 MB of L3 cache.

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Additionally, we have some graphs AMD Radeon 780M with 768 Stream Processors capable of reaching 2,900 MHz. All this is linked to a configurable TDP between 35 and 54W. Otherwise, it has a 2-channel memory controller capable of supporting memory DDR5 at 5,600 MHz either LPDDR5X at 7,500 MHz.


Just above, in the Phoenix range, we only have the AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS. It is essentially the same CPU, but running the cores at a Base/Turbo frequency of 4.00/5.20 GHz. The GPU is clocked up to 3,000 MHz. Essentially, a higher quality silicon that allows a plus frequencies while maintaining the same TDP. If you are looking for more power, you should go to the Dragon Range (HX) series, capable of offering up to 16 Zen 4 cores at 5nm. A proof of this was the AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX that we could see a few days ago.

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And this is the performance that it is capable of achieving in Cinebench R23

AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS performance Cinebench R23 vs Intel

Getting to what matters, this processor managed to achieve a single-core performance of 1,809 pointsthis puts it right in the middle of the Intel Core i9-12900HX (1,902 points) and the Core i7-12700H (1,806 points). In multicore performance, we talk about 16,800 points, placing itself right in the middle of these CPUs again. The Intel Core i9-12900HK achieves 18,197 points in front of the 16,745 points which reaches the Core i7-12700H. This Core i7 has 14 cores, of which 6 are high performance.


If we are looking for a comparison that offers a better view of its performance, it is time to compare it with its predecessor. This could be the AMD Ryzen 7 6800Hwith improved multicore performance 25%. Compared to the previous top-of-the-range CPU, the Ryzen 9 6980HXperformance improvement is about 15%. Of course, regarding the new Intel Raptor Lake (13th Gen) for laptops, the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS comes to compete with the range Intel Core i5. In essence, because a simple Core i5-13500HX already offers 14 cores (6x P-Core + 8x E-Core).

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It is clear that the interesting will also come at the level of energy consumption. In this way, it should offer a better balance in this aspect. Of course, the most interesting thing of all is to see a revitalized portable business after Apple brought up the deadlock which was suffering from the x86 architecture on laptops. Either because of the very poor performance, and the energy consumption linked to it.


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