AMD updates its Ryzen Master due to a serious vulnerability

If yesterday we talked about new vulnerabilities in Intel productstoday it is the turn of AMD and its software Ryzen Master. The company launched an emergency update for its tool, since thanks to it, any attacker could hijack the team from any user who had this utility installed on their system. As usual, we are talking about a linked attack to privilege levels. This software allows the attacker to have access to high levels of system privileges, being able to do and undo any movement at will at the administrator level.

“Failure to validate privileges during AMD Ryzen Master installation may allow a low privileged attacker to modify files potentially leading to privilege escalation and code execution by the lower privileged user.”

This vulnerability arose because the system “does not validate a user’s privilege level during the Ryzen Master installation process.” This lack of validation allows the attacker to modify any type of file, change their privilege from low level to administrative, and then execute the attack remotely. This attack can be used by any version of Ryzen Master to initiate the attack , except the newest one (version

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However, AMD did not make it clear whether a user without administrator access could use the older installation utility to facilitate an attack.

AMD Ryzen Master arrives to fix the issue

AMD Ryzen Master Software

AMD disclosed this vulnerability just when its tool already has an update that patches the problem. This latest update is available for both the Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems. Rated as a high vulnerability (7.2 points out of 10), this not the first vulnerability that affects your tool. In 2020, Hewlett Packard (HP) discovered another vulnerability in Ryzen Master V15, which also allowed privilege escalation.

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You can download the latest version of AMD Ryzen Master from the following link.

AMD Ryzen Master debuted in 2017 as a tool designed to be able to overclock every core of Ryzen CPUs independently. It added the possibility of deactivating cores, managing voltages and even overclocking the memory. Over the years, this tool has been updated to add new features and, of course, fine tune everything regarding overclocking, or optimize the CPU by reducing the operating voltage while maintaining the same factory frequencies. This allows to maintain performance, but reducing energy consumption and temperatures reached.

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Currently, AMD Ryzen Master allows you to see the temperature, voltages, frequencies in real time, or you can ask it to do it for you. an automatic overclock. All of this can be saved in various profiles according to the needs of your team at specific times. Additionally, the function of performing overclocking integrated AMD Radeon graphics. Finally, thinking of expert users, it is allowed to increase the voltage above 5.2v. Of course, this is also linked to high-performance CPUs.