AMD will move its logistics center from Hong Kong to Taiwan as NVIDIA did

China is in a situation where it is being impacted by COVID and it is increasingly feared that the outbreak will spread further. We have already been able to see how chaos has broken out in the Asian country and it does not seem that they can stop the lack of control that currently exists. In the midst of all this, Hong Kong is also experiencing more cases and sufferers, although it is easing its measures. This is where NVIDIA’s logistics center was located until recently, when they decided to move it to Taiwan. Well strangely now AMD will do the same then will move his logistics center from Hong Kong to Taiwanwith a strategic approach in mind.

About a month ago, it was announced that NVIDIA is making preparations for move your logistics center. This was located in Hong Kong and would be transferred to Taiwan, according to the Taiwan Minister of Economic Affairs. This was all part of a agreement between NVIDIA and the Taiwanese government, where this company would receive tax subsidies to help facilitate such a move. Taking into account that TSMC is located in Taiwan and in turn NVIDIA requires their services to manufacture GPUs as their RTX 40everything seems like a plan where it benefits.

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AMD follows NVIDIA and ASML in moving its logistics center to Taiwan

Jensen Huang Facilities Taiwan

As we said, this is not the first time that an important company in our sector has moved its logistics center from Hong to Taiwan. And it is that both NVIDIA and ASML moved their facilities to the other country. AMD currently ships its products from Taiwan to Hong Kong, where its logistics center is responsible for sending them all over the world. Therefore, choose moving their facility to Taiwan would save them money and timesince they would manufacture and ship directly from this country.

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According to the Economic Daily News, the new logistics center will be located in the farglory free trade zone, in the Taiwanese municipality of Taoyuan. But AMD’s official announcement still won’t happen for a few weeks, after Chinese New Year. Once this move is made, follow the steps of ASUSso it could also benefit the GPUs of this brand.

The United States and the conflict with China would be the main reason

AMD GPU RX 7900 XTX China

Although there is no official information from AMD about the decision to move its logistics center from Hong Kong to Taiwan, everything indicates that it is the fault of political / commercial conflicts. For a long time, The United States is in a trade war with China., where the situation worsens at times. The Americans apply more and more sanctions and measures in order to hit China and this worries all the companies that operate in the country. We have already seen how the US has halted the export of high-end AI chips to China or the China import tariffs which raise the price of GPUs considerably.

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In this context, where staying in China is equivalent to being affected by one or more sanctions, leaving the country is an option. Thus, Taiwan has positioned itself as an option chosen by several companies dedicated to the semiconductor market. Now that AMD will also be moving its facility here, it should be in a better situation. Well, by working side by side with TSMC, you can reduce transportation costs.