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AMD working on a GPU monster never seen before, RX 7950 XT?

There is little left for the launch of the new generation of graphics amdthe RX 7000 with architecture RDNA3. Of these we expected that they will arrive with a total of 7 chiplets for the RX7900XT, but now we know that this can change. And it is that, the company begins the mass production of an RDNA 3 GPU of 9 chiplets what could make us think of a amd RX7950XT.

We are all looking forward to the battle that will take place in the PC graphics card sector. And it is that, shortly, we will have on the market both the NVIDIA RTX 4000 and the AMD RX7000, which will face each other in performance, consumption, efficiency and price, to see who wins. According to these results, a large number of users will go to buy one or the other, considering that NVIDIA is an almost certain preference for the average gamer.

AMD must get its act together and do it very well in order to compete and take a large chunk of the market in its favor. For this, it seems that we can be before a more powerful GPU or with new features, since the production of one with 9 chiplets has begun.

GPU mass production starts with 9 chiplets RX7950X?

We have information again from one of the most well-known leakers in the industry, our favorite digimon @Greymon55. This announces a news that could surprise us, because he says that an AMD GPU based on Navi 30, that is, corresponding to the RX 7000 that will be launched soon. The novelty lies in the fact that it will not be a graphics card consisting of 7 chipletsas the RX7900XT that we saw through leaks a few months ago, but one with 9 chiplets.

The first thing that would come to mind would be a new GPU more powerful than the 7900 XT, possibly a Radeon RX 7950 XT. In this case, it would be a graphics card that has 2 GDCs (Graphic Compute Dies) and 6 CDM (Memory Complex Dies) and 1 center DCM of cache that interconnects all. Thus, it would consist of 2 Navi 32 GPUs (RX 7800 XT) attached, each with a 64-bit memory controller and 32 MB of L3 cache. This means this AMD RX7950X will have a total of 16,384 cores (2 x 8,192 per 7800 XT) divided into 64 WGP Y 128 CU and a TGP of 450W.

But we are already beginning to see strange things in the rumours, like a theoretical memory of 32GBa bus width of 448 bit and a curious value of 222MB Infinity Cache if MCDs are reused. This gives us some specifications that really do not make much sense, since the value of Infinity Cache exceeds 200MB and this would end reducing performance.

Everything looks like it really is a Navi 32 GPU with 3D V-Cache

AMD Navi 32 RX 7800 XT

As we see with the new rumors, we lose hope that this new 9 chiplet GPU is not really the top of the range RX 7950 XT. And it is that, they talk about this really being a GPU based on Navi 32, that is, a future RX7800XT, which will have 3D V-Cache. As they comment, it could consist of 1 GCD beside 4 CDM Y 4 3D Cache Diesgiving that total of 9 chiplets. In this case, then we would already have less beastly specifications than what we had seen with that supposed 7950 XT, since it would be half of this.

So we would have 8,192 cores divided into 32WGP Y 64 CUwith 16 GB memory GDDR6 and a 256 bit bus. This would arrive with a consumption 350W TGP, something that completely clashes with the 450W mentioned in the rumor about the RX 7950 XT. On the other hand, a Navi chip is also mentioned that will have a total of 13 chipletswhich has begun to develop.

A GPU with 13 chiplets is also in development RX7990XT?

AMD Radeon HD 7990 Dual Chip

However, there is still a long time before we can really see something about it. Of the latter, it is speculated that it will be a total of 2 Navi 31 RX 7900 XT GPUs with 10 CDM (5 GCD for each graph) and 1 CDM for cache of interconnection. This authentic monster could be a future xray 7990XT which would be the top of the range that AMD can offer in this architecture. This would remind us of those times when AMD had GPUs with dual graphics chips, such as the amd HD 7990 of the image and an abysmal consumption. But as we always say, take everything with tweezers, because they are mere rumours.

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