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Amnesia: The Bunker reveals a terrifying monster in a new clip

Frictional Games, responsible for Amnesia: The Bunkera first-person survival horror whose story takes place during the period of the First World War, has shared through its channel Youtube a new clip of this title focused on survival and a creature that will torment the French soldier that we will control during the adventure. The video game is scheduled to be released for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and computers – you can review the minimum and recommended requirements at this link – on May 16.

Players will attempt to get out of an abandoned World War I bunker while constantly being stalked by a mysterious and monstrous entity, and this new clip offers a brief glimpse of what encounters with this monster will look like. In the video we can see how our protagonist tries to light a flashlight with a dynamo, although unfortunately the noise it generates attracts the creature. Despite the fact that we can hardly appreciate its design, the truth is that it looks like it will be completely terrifying and that it will give us moments of real tension.

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A deeper and more experimental Amnesia

The creators of Amnesia: The Bunker They ensure that the video game will test “the intelligence, courage and ability of the players to keep a cool head in pressure situations in order to make quick decisions when solving problems.” The player may investigate a semi-open space while trying to solve a series of puzzles with multiple possible solutions, all while having to intelligently dose your resources in order to survive the nightmare. In addition, those responsible ensure that the title will have touches of “emerging gameplay” and “sandbox”, making it a more complex experience than the one we have experienced in previous installments.

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