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Among Us chicken nugget sells for over $ 50,000 on eBay

Among Us

image via Among Us

Among Us is once again on everyone’s lips, although this time it is not about the game itself, but about a particular piece of chicken nugget that resembles the characters. Among us is one of the most popular video games of the past year. To this day, even though its popularity is not so high, there are still many users who continue to use this title to entertain themselves. However, today we are not talking about the game itself, but about things related to it. Although it sounds incredible and surreal, there is a “among us” character-shaped chicken nugget on eBay that sells for more than $50,000. In fact, even official accounts among us have noticed the existence of this uniquely shaped gold nugget.

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Among Us chicken nugget hit the barrier of $ 50,000 on the eBay portal

The battered chicken nuggets came from a box of ordinary McDonald’s franchise gold nuggets. Yesterday, the price of gold bullion reached US$34,000. Since then, the price has increased and now exceeds US$50,000. At the time of writing, the eBay page containing the article had more than 600 viewers, and more than 150 people bid to keep the gold nugget among us. The other detail that can be extracted from the publication is that the bid will end in a day and a half, and the auction will start at only $0.99. The one named Nugget Within Us has a certain similarity with its role in form. A star in a video game. Especially its color is similar to that of brown. Of course, this discovery has aroused the attention of social networks and also caused those who want it to speculate or keep it as a trophy. Can you bid for a chicken nugget in the shape of an avatar in “among us”?

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