Among Us: get free Ghostface mask and costume, from Scream (July 2023)

Tom Henry

among us: get free ghostface mask and costume, from scream

The killer in these movies loves being invited to video games. We have seen it tormenting survivors in Dead by Daylight and shooting at call of duty. when it premiered the excellent fifth installment of scream in theaters, there was an event in among us that allowed us to obtain the Ghostface mask and costume for our crew member or imposter and is back to celebrate the launch of scream 6 on Blu-Ray on July 11, 2023.

The objects of this collaboration are the following:

  • Scream mask (hat)
  • Scream’s Robe (skin)

This is what the crew members look like when they wear this unsuspecting serial killer outfit.

To celebrate the release of Scream 6 on Blu-Ray, Among Us is offering a free Ghostface mask and costume to our crew members.

How to get the Ghostface mask and robe, from Scream, free at among us?

All they have to do is log into the game, on any platform, between Friday the 7th and Friday the 21st of July 2023. After doing so, they can check their inventory and discover the outfit and mask of one of the most dangerous murderers in the history of horror movies.

What we don’t know is how they intend to convince their fellow crew members that they are not the impostor while wearing this mask. The truth is that it makes them look a little “suspicious”. If you want an outfit that makes you look a little more innocent, remember that Pusheen’s Cosmicube is currently on sale in the in-game store.

Source: Innersloth

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