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Among Us PC is free on Epic Store till 3 June 2021, limited time offer

Among Us

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image via EPIC Games

The Epic Games Store presents the popular online multiplayer video game “Among Us” in which we must discover which crew member is a traitor.

Just like every Thursday at 5:00 pm (USA peninsula time), the Epic Games Store has updated its weekly promotion, through which it gives away a free PC to anyone who wants to get it and always store it in its library Games without any form of subscription. This week’s title is more special than usual, because with Epic’s super discounts, the company hopes to keep the game it will give away until the moment it is announced. The free game from the Epic Games Store is one of them among us. This is the popular Innersloth video game, which challenges us to find traitors in a fun, fast-paced multiplayer game with up to 10 players.

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video Credit: innersloth

The regular price of this game on the Epic Games digital store is 3.99 euros, but this week, until 5:00 pm on June 3rd. (USApeninsula time), available for free here. With this gift, “Among Us will also officially enter the Epic Games Store, a platform that is not yet available to date. With this release, some of its additional content packs have also been reduced, such as some skin packs and other pet packs. Today, everyone has a 20% discount in digital stores. There will be another free game next week, but it has not been revealed which one will be.

Epic Store Super Discounts up to 75%

In addition to free games, the Epic Games Store currently offers discount promotions and special offers for selected PC games. This is an epic super discount, valid May 20  to June 17, during which we can find discounts of up to 70%. 

among us  among us online among us online free   among us pc    among us epic free   innersloth   nnersloth among us   among us license
iamge via EPIC Games

If that’s not enough, during this promotion period, you can also get an Epic coupon, which will give you an extra 10 euro discount on any purchases of more than 14.99 euros. This means you can use it in any game we choose in these lines, and you can use it in more games. In addition, it is a free and unlimited coupon, so every time you want to buy a PC game in the Epic Games Store, you can enjoy this additional discount as long as you exceed the minimum price.

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