Among Us: this is the collaboration with Destiny 2, Cosmicube of the Guardian

Have you been betrayed by a fellow Guardian in the middle of a ‘raid’? It wouldn’t be weird because some of them are real impostors. destiny 2 is celebrating the launch of the expansion Eclipse either lightfall with an unexpected collaboration with among us which will allow us to dress crew members or impostors as Titans, Hunters and Sorcerers with the Guardian’s Cosmicube after the v2023.2.28 update.

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When does the collaboration start? among us with destiny 2 and what date does it end?

The Guardian Cosmicube will be available in-game for a limited time. we can buy it between Tuesday, February 28 and Tuesday, May 30, 2023. Once we have it, we can earn rewards in it at our own pace.

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How to get the Guardian Cosmicube

We can buy this “pseudo battle pass” in the game store, where we can buy it for 3500 Beans.

Meet the Guardian Cosmicube, the fruit of Among Us' fun and unexpected collaboration with Destiny 2 on the eve of the release of Eclipse.

Remember that the Beans or Beans are acquired by playing online games. You don’t need to buy stars with real money to get it.

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You can see the different cosmetic rewards inspired by destiny 2 containing the Cosmicube of the Guardian of among us next.

In addition to collaboration with destiny 2the update v2023.2.28 of among us also made some bug fixes, user interface improvements and renamed free mode to practice now.

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Source: Innersloth