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Amouranth will present a program on Twitch

Amouranth’s 2022 has been difficult on a personal level, but since it came out his true situation in light everything has improved remarkably for the American In addition, this improvement has been accompanied in terms of work, Well, she is the woman with the best number of all twitch and, most importantly, he does what he likes the most. Despite the fact that the year will end in a very good way, 2023 is still more promising for Amouranth, as it has confirmed that it will present a very important event for the community.

Kaitlyn «Amouranth» Siragusa has passed through the The Courage & Nadeshot Show from 100 Thieves to discuss different topics of 2022 and her future as a content creator. In this interview, the American has confirmed that she is working to create an important program in twitch for next year. “There are some projects we’re working on, some big programs of twitch“, he highlighted. Amouranth assures that it would be a game show face-to-face, so it could be compared to many of the events organized by Ibai Llanos for the Spanish-speaking community. However, the streamer He assures that it is an idea that has never been done on the purple platform.


Amouranth will present a great program in twitch

Amouranth has criticized the great events that take place on more than one occasion, but she already created one earlier this year with the commented Streamer Royale. He has not yet wanted to give much information about the project, only that it will be a novelty and that she will be the presenter, not a contestant. We will have to wait a few more weeks to find out information about this program that promises to bring together great personalities from the world of the Internet.

The good moment that Amoruanth is in is more than evident, he is being seen in several interviews and in all of them he claims to be currently happy after fixing all the personal problems of a few months ago. Weeks ago he considered that he did not have a contract with twitch due, in addition to his previous “unfriendly” videos, for his absence in big events. For this reason, this can be a great step for Amouranth to sEsports Extrasan exclusive contract with the platform.

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