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an artist makes the evolutionary line of Bulbasaur in the rock / fire type in a cool way

Pokemon: an artist makes the evolutionary line of Bulbasaur in the rock / fire type in a great way

One of the best ideas Game Freak has had in recent years has been the introduction of regional formswhich consist of offering players alternate versions of Pokemon already known, giving this to some forgotten species to shine again while bringing alternative strategies in the competitive that can be even better than the originals, some of the examples seen being Weezing from Galar, Muk from Alola , Ninentals of Alola, among others.

Now, it must be said that the fact introduce alternate versions of Pokemonis not something that has been used exclusively by Game Freak, since for years you can see that Pokemon fans who are artists have chosen to offer some drawings that show us Pokemon of different types those we know, taking as an example the recent case of the Electric-type Cyndaquiel.

Bulbasaur puts aside plants and flowers to be pure magma

bulbasaur pokemon

Bulbasaur annoyed with his opponent

Under this same premise, and also using a starter as a base, the Reddit user called PokemonRegionalFR has created an alternate version of Bulbasaur and all its evolutionary line in which we can see that this Pokemon becomes a stone monster with Fire and Rock types.

This can be seen from the fact that this Pokemon lets lava escape through some of the cracks in its body, which is how they manage to look terrifying in a certain sense. Therefore, you can see below this alternative desEsports Extrasof Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur:

It should be noted that it remains to be seen whether there will be more regional forms in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, since at the moment we only know Wooper from Paldea. However, with the enormous success achieved with these forms, it is expected that they will be present en masse again for the 4th consecutive game, although in order to confirm it we will have to wait for the ninth generation will be launched on November 18 to finally get out of doubt.

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