An artist turns down a $3,000 Fortnite offer, calling it absurd

Fortnite could be involved in a new controversy.

If Epic Games has been away from controversy for a while, a new topic of debate has started on social networks. A Twitter user has revealed that the developer of Fortnite has offered him 3,000 for doing an illustration and his copyright, which meant that the artist could not offer prints of him or publish the art elsewhere.

After denying the deal, this artist has started a debate about predatory contracts. “With the given budget, it doesn’t feel ethical to take on this project.”, is spoken on social networks. “The time an FMH assignment would take from such a high earning game where I can’t even sell prints would barely leave me with a living wage”.

Despite being about $3,000, the artist has explained that the type of illustration requires weeks of work for a game generates billions of dollars. After the start of the debate, Epic Games is expected to reconsider the terms of the contract, although the company “I didn’t have the time or manpower to negotiate each one separately”.

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Fortnite returns to the news

fortnite 4

Fortnite begins its chapter 4

While Epic Games could have become involved in a new controversy, its star game, Fortnite, returns to the media covers after starting its chapter 4 under the Unreal Engine 5.1 engine on PS5, Xbox Series and PC full of visual novelties. Meanwhile, the Epic Games Store game sales platform will once again offer one game per day during Christmas after the great reception of the promotion beyond the weekly games it normally offers.

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