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Elden Ring

An Elden Ring player has a good time in pacifist mode: he does not hit any enemies, although he uses a somewhat dirty tactic

FromSoftware games are known for their flexibility and the impossible challenge games that their fans signed up for. From a great speedrunning community (which has broken the 19 minute barrier in Elden Ring), to finishing the game without being hitthe imagination puts the limit to the feats of its most veteran players.

Today we have the case of Iron Pineapple, a content creator who focuses his videos on the Souls saga and who has decided to take Elden Ring by the horns. His mission from him? Well, if you’ve read the headline, you already know that it’s about spending the entire game without doing anything. a single point of damage. At least not directly.

And, of course, how are you going to defeat the enemies without hitting them? The answer is easy, but carrying it out is not so easy. Using spirits and playing healer role for them, this game is, frankly, something quite different what we are used to seeing. Gone are the impossible parries and no-hits, it’s time to think differently.

Of course, it is not enough just to invoke and that’s it, but Pineapple has had to make use of all your wit and knowledge of the game to be able to face the (more or less) pacifist version of Elden Ring. It is a challenge worth seeing and it makes one thing clear: this game is as big as it is complex, and this is going to lead to increasingly ridiculous challenges.

Of course, the latest from FromSoftware is leaving us with a panorama full of curious news. A few days ago we also told you about a player cosplaying Sonic the hedgehog, another who made a beautiful illustrated diary talking about his journey, and many others who have decided to destroy the title with the most absurd mods. And, well, this alone just getting started.

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