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An Elden Ring Supporter Helped Over 1,000 Players And You Won’t Believe How

Players can summon LetMeSoloThem to defeat the final bosses of Elden Rin.

An Elden Ring Supporter Helped Over 1,000 Players And You Won't Believe How

Players of the Elden Ring have generally been dedicated to making interesting discoveries and exploits when it comes to exploring the Midlands. And what is better, they have improved their techniques to defeat the most emblematic enemies of the title, leaving some advice for other inexperienced players who could spend a while trying to dodge the attacks of the opponents that seem to never end.

Of course, there are many ways that fans have made it easier for fans to access and play modes in the game that is inspired by the events of Game of Thrones. However, although we have heard a lot of news in which players have reached the surprising conclusions necessary for a good performance in the games, rarely have we found that players dedicate themselves to directly helping others to win in the game. play.

The above might sound a bit strange, as players themselves have searched for many ways to improve their own skills, but they can’t exactly care about those of other Elden Ring fans. Thus, as you have read, an Elden Ring player has been in charge of defeating -successfully, of course- the final bosses of the game for more than 1,000 players that need your strategic talent.


This Elden Ring fan is very dedicated to helping other players

To understand it well, the most seasoned fans know that this achievement is not something minor, since in reality the challenge that the enemies imply is quite great, as we have seen in all FromSoftware titles.

Elden Ring is the latest installment in the company’s highly complex and tough action RPG series. And just like its predecessors Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro, Elden Ring is a challenging and exciting adventure that has prioritized boss fights.

These well-known RPGs often feature online co-op features where players can leave each other hints and warnings about the dangers that lie ahead, or summon each other into a melee with a tricky boss. . Because of this emphasis on online play, many of the most moving stories in these games are the exploits of the players themselves.

In fact, it is not the first time that fans have questioned how far they can go compared to other players. Especially without the cooperative mode. But this fan has taken too seriously the task of helping someone who wants to beat the most difficult bosses. He has even revealed, under the satisfaction that cooperation brings him, that intends to continue helping more people by collecting a total of 2,000 victories.

The player in question is known as LetMeSoloThem. In the past, he has already had his respective recognition for following in the footsteps of the legendary Elden Ring player LetMeSoloHer, who gained fame from him thanks to helping thousands of players to defeat Malenia without using cooperative mode. Wearing his trademark LetMeSoloHer jarnished outfit, a pot helmet and nothing else, LetMeSoloThem has spent the last three months bringing his assistance to the extensive player base against the game’s final bosses.

LetMeSoloThem has been invoked over 3,000 times to accomplish this feat, which means that not all attempts to defeat enemies have led to victory. Even so, it should be given its due, considering that the final bosses are some of the most difficult challenges in Elden Ring.

In this sense, The final boss fight basically consists of two consecutive bosses: Radagon and the Beast of Elden.. The confrontation has even been the subject of controversy among players due to the nature – considered frustrating – of the desEsports Extrasof this epic encounter. For its part, the Elden Beast is Esports Extrasntic and tends to move around the entire stage, leading players to have problems with the camera while chasing the boss while avoiding the deadly long-range attacks.

Most players consider the Beast of Elden to be the worst boss in FromSoftware, so they are grateful to players like LetMeSoloThem, who have dedicated their time to providing help to those who are struggling with this difficult final hurdle.

Finally, those players who cannot beat Radagon and the Beast of Elden can find the LetMeSoloThem summon sEsports Extrasonly if they play the Xbox version. Meanwhile, this player is about to become a legend, just like his predecessor…if he keeps raising his goal to help other Elden Ring players.

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