An image of Star Ocean: The Second Story R would confirm the remake of Star Ocean 2

an image of star ocean: the second story r would

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An image of Star Ocean: The Second Story R would confirm the remake of Star Ocean 2

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Square Enix will have a remake or remaster of Star Ocean: The Second Story, as found on the company’s servers. The Square Enix Support page includes a Square Enix Support logo on its servers. Star Ocean: The Second Story Ra game that has not been officially announced.

Star Ocean: The Second Story is the second RPG in the tri-Ace saga, originally released in 1998 for the PlayStation, and a large part of the fans consider him the best Star Ocean.

In 2019 it was launched Star Ocean: First Departure R for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, which was a reissue of the PSP version of the first game. RPG Site points out that this logo indicates The Second Story R and not Second Evolution RSecond Story is the subtitle of the original, while Second Evolution is from the 2008 version for PSP-, which It makes one think that it is based on the PlayStation game and not the one on the laptop.

Second Evolution had a re-release on PS4 and PS Vita but only in Japan and digital distribution, which simply adds more resolution. A few months ago tri-Ace invited fans to ask for a Western release to make themselves heard.

A remarkable RPG

Star Ocean: Second Evolution it is without a doubt, a better title than its predecessorboth in some technical aspects and in everything related to its plot and gameplay”, we we have in its version for PSP. “It is an excellent role-playing title, suitable both for newcomers who want to get to know the saga and for classic fans of it who, despite the years behind them, will not disappoint fans of the classic role of the series. Square Enix Company”.

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