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An insider talks again about Sly Cooper for PS5, which would be announced from July

Unofficial information about a new installment of the saga Sly Cooper They began to circulate on the network in the summer of last year. In March of this year, after months of drought of information about this supposed project, more details were given, such as the development would be in charge of the creators of Concrete Genie, PixelOpus. This Sunday, May 22, the well-known insider Nick Baker has assured that the alleged SlyCooper 5 it is a reality, but Sony will not announce it until the second half of 2022.

Baker is a presenter for The XboxEra Podcasta console-focused program from Microsoft where they routinely go through silver people with sources in the video game industry of any brand. Ah, as reported in comic booksaid insider has rescued the rumors that emerged in the spring about the new Sly Cooperclarifying that in case Sony announces a State of Play or a PlayStation Showcase for Junethe adventure of the raccoon and his fellow thieves will not show therebut at a later event this year.

What we know about SlyCooper 5: will be accompanied by an animation series

Officially, all we know is that PixelOpus is working on a game for PlayStation 5 to be released by PlayStation Studios (therefore exclusive to Sony’s next-gen console); In the summer of last year they began hiring staff to expand the studio. The first rumors about the alleged SlyCooper 5 They did not clarify if Sucker Punch Productions, creators of the saga, were involved; said study is apparently focused on a successor to Ghost of Tsushima. That first rumor arose from an anonymous user of the forum 4chan (who had to remove the post) and was corroborated by Nick Baker himself.

A few months later, in October of last year, Baker returned to the subject stating that his usual source at Sony had confirmed the existence of the project. Until March of this year we did not know anything else. That month, the same Twitter account that leaked the existence of Star Wars: Eclipsestressed that they are developing both a new Sly Cooper like a new infamous. A few days later, the same source assured that the game was not being developed by Sucker Punch and, at the same time, Baker added that the development was commission PixelOpus in collaboration with Sony Animationwho are making an animation series based on the raccoon that was announced in 2017.

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