An original iPhone with 4GB of storage sells for $190,000

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an original iphone with 4gb of storage sells for $190,000

Apple has not always been the company with premium products that we all know today, since in the past its iPhones were not as expensive as today. We are talking about the first three generations of these smartphones, where their price had nothing to do with the current ones. Even though these early iPhones were the cheapest, they are indeed the most valuable. In fact, they have achieved sell at auction an original iPhone of those of 4GB of capacity for the incredible figure of 190,373 dollars.

Apple has always been a unique company when we consider that it designs its own products without paying attention to other companies and trends. It was one of the first to boost the smartphone sector, at a time when the BlackBerry dominatedalong with some Sony Ericsson and mobile samsung. But what he brought iphone it was a totally different experience in fluidity and capabilities with its operating system iOS. In a short time, we saw how the smartphone market was plagued by competition from Androidwith hundreds and thousands of models to choose from.

A 4GB iPhone 1 is auctioned for a record price of $190,373

iPhone 1 auction price

In 2007, it was when Apple decided to launch its first iPhone with capacities of 4 and 8GB storage at a price of 499 and 599 dollars, respectively. Since the 8 GB version was much more popular, the 4 GB version that cost $100 less it was discontinued after a few months. Apple realized that storage capacity was more important and subsequently released a version of 16 GBin addition to keeping the 8 GB.

This caused the 4 GB iPhone to be the rarest model of all, since it was only available for a limited period of time. It was estimated that if someone managed to sell one of these factory sealed, it could fetch a record sale price of $100,000. Well, this has been achieved and the estimate has almost doubled, due to the fact that they have managed to sell a 4GB iPhone for $190,372.80 exactly. This happened at LCG Auctions, where the auction started on June 30 and ran through July 16. Even though the bid startHe was from “only” $10,000there were a total of 28 bids that brought it to nearly $200,000.

The owner of this iPhone was one of the original Apple engineers

iPhone Sealed Unopened

The auction of this 4 GB iPhone has set a new price record, since the 8 GB models were sold for almost a third less than the price. In this year alone, a 8GB iPhone in February for $63,000 and another one in March for $54,000. Knowing this, we get an idea of ​​how important it is to recognize the model we have.

The final sale price at the auction of more than $190,000 also includes the buyer’s premium. That is why, if we subtract this, we are left with a price of $158,644, a bid placed by an anonymous person. According to the website, this iPhone was never activated, it is sealed and in perfect condition. This in itself makes it an extremely rare iPhone, but there’s more. His owner was part of the original Apple engineering teamso for collectors this is a unique piece.

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