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Analysis of Asterigos: Curse of the Stars – Xbox Series X | we are xbox

When I started playing Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, I thought that I would end up playing a copy of Immortals Fenyx Rising, but the truth is that nothing could be further from the truth, since I have come across a game of the Souls-like genre that makes many things go well and even if it fails in some things, I have little to blame for the great work that the guys from Acme Gamestudio have done.


A story from classical mythology

Asterigos: Curse of the StarsAsterigos: Curse of the Stars puts us on the table a story based on classical mythology as Immortals Fenyx Rising did at the time but only that this time it will be in a serious way thus leaving jokes aside. The story of this title introduces us to Hilda, a warrior daughter of a Northern Legion commander, hence our protagonist has a more Nordic appearance with white skin and orange hair (what we call redhead).

As Hilda, we will be sent to lands called Lands of Afes where we will have to do an investigation about the progress of the mission that was in charge of her own father: Go in search of the only salvation to be able to cure the King of their lands. With all this we will have to go to a village where we will ask its inhabitants for the cure, but we will discover that nothing goes well, since said village is plunged into chaos and anarchy reigns in it.

Due to this chaos, Minerva (one of the few Nobles that we find in the village) will recruit us as a warrior to send us on various missions in which we will find ourselves in a game with the structure of a game from the Dark Souls franchise. since Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is nothing more and nothing less than a game of the Souls-like genre.


With the heart of a Dark Souls

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

In a certain way, perhaps it was because of the artistic section that I entered the title thinking that it would be a crude copy of Immortals Fenyx Rising, but the truth is that Asterigos: Curse of the Stars takes all the sections that encompass it in a way very serious, not like the first title mentioned, which he took everything with a lot of satire and humor of all kinds.

In Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, we will find a solid gameplay, where we will have a fairly wide arsenal of weaponssuch as the classic sword with balanced shield, a large and heavy hammer with great power, two weak but fast daggers, a powerful spear, a staff to cast magic, and our own fists.


Do you know the best part? That what I have just mentioned is not classes, but ratherare in themselves the weapons among which we can vary according to what we wish. Although personally, I prefer the base combination of sword with shield and hammer, because yes, we can carry two types of weapons at the same time.

Analysis of Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - Xbox Series X 46We will use the main one with the X button and the secondary one with the Y button of the remote. The controls are the typical ones we would find in any Dark Souls-style game.. In fact, rolling to dodge is exactly the same, although later we will see that as soon as we level up a bit, we will have abilities at our disposal that will allow us to vary the gameplay.

Perhaps the only thing that I can get away from the gameplay is that using the shield is somewhat slow and many times it doesn’t respond well when you get hit and, therefore, it doesn’t end up raising the shield and the result has been a certain death, so many times I ended up preferring to dodge enemy attacks whenever possible.


For the rest, we have several combat abilities that range from active, such as making a powerful combination causing great damage, to more passive combat abilities, such as creating a magical area in which if we stay in said area, we will cause much more damage temporarily. Something that I liked a lot has been the fact that I can choose at any time without pause what kind of damage I want to cause with my weaponsthese being astral damage, elemental fire, elemental ice, and elemental lightning.

Asterigos: Curse of the StarsAs for the level design, I’m not going to lie to you, it can be chaos many times because you have to explore a lot and know where we have to go, since the game wants us to know the map by heart, since we don’t, we will not have a map that we can look every two by three to know at what point of it we are.

I could tell you a few things about some obstacles that we may encounter when exploring, but surely Dark Souls veterans can already get an idea of ​​what will come to them if they end up playing it. In this game, those new to the genre will make the typical mistakes that any newbie would make in one of the first titles directed by Miyazaki.


visually gorgeous

Asterigos: Curse of the StarsNot everyone may like the art style cartoon that those from Acme Gamestudio have chosen for Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, something that is clearly inspired by the Ubisoft game that we have already mentioned so many times: Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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The truth is that having chosen this visual style could not have seemed more accuratesince it will make the game last in time and age in a good way, although I don’t think the same can be said of its gameplay (which we have already talked about).


In the case of the characters I have noticed that often don’t sync well with English voices and is missing some expressions, so I recommend that you do not blame this title too much since it can be enjoyed despite this lack. On the other hand, the modeling of the characters is quite successful and their movements are natural, so the game has a bittersweet point in terms of the artistic section.

Even so, Let’s remember that it is not a graphic marvel eithersince we can even find that it has almost the same level as the Ubisoft title in which it is inspired.



Asterigos: Curse of the StarsAsterigos: Curse of the Stars is a great game off to a great start for Acme Gamestudio that leaves the door open for other future projects I would like to see from the studio as this one has turned out to be very rewarding for me. In short, we could say that this Souls-like is made for all those lovers of the genre together with a classic mythology that can attract a large audience.