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Analysis of Jack Move – Xbox One | we are xbox

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As we have previously said, Jack Move is a cyberpunk game in which its world is full of both cybercorporations with bad intentions and hackers, which cannot be missing in a world full of neon like this title. The story will put us in the shoes of Noa Solares, a young girl who is a hacker facing Monomente, an evil cybercorporation that has nothing better to do than try to sow chaos in the world.

As Noa and the hacker that we are, we must demonstrate what bits we are made of to go through a story of some 8 hours long where we will be involved in a great investigation with which Monomente is willing to take advantage if we are not careful, since the CEO of Monomente is not exactly a turkey boogerso we must be strong and be prepared for everything that is to come.


While is true that the game’s story can be a bit clichéd With all its elements, it won’t be boring either, since it will have events in it that will make it much more intriguing than any other indie of the same style.

A fight full of malware

Jack Move Match

During combat, we will have an interface based on a peripheral that our character will carry and with which we will be able to see our health points, data and JM (Jack Move), which is a devastating attack in which we will have to follow a sequence of Quick Time Events so that the attack has the greatest possible effect. The good thing about this devastating attack that reminded me a lot of Cloud’s Limit bar in the original Final Fantasy VII, in that it will not directly harm us if we miss the QTEs, since if we miss any of these it will only reduce the damage we do.

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It is possible that at first we will get a little confused with so many computer terms involved, since in the game we will not have the typical commands to attack, defend and magic. Instead, these will be replaced by others such as Hack to attack, Execute to perform abilities, Cache to defend, as well as other typical turn-based RPG functions. come on, what in the end it is the same but adapted to a computer environment due to the theme that the game itself presents to us.


Very shallow dungeons

Analysis of Jack Move - Xbox One 50

The Jack Move dungeons are not that stand out for their desEsports Extraseithersince although it seems to be more than a normal and current mapping, we call dungeons all those in RPGs where enemies randomly come across us in a highly dangerous area where there are usually some puzzle or other to cross the different levels or mapped to the ones we have previously called as dungeons.

In the case of Jack Move, it seems that the dungeons have been wasted for the simple reason that we will not run into any type of puzzle. Well, some do, but they can be counted on the fingers of one hand and a little more and they don’t complete both. The main problem here is that the dungeons in the title are very linear. and with a lack of challenges beyond the enemies that we can find. Being a short game, I can see it as more normal for this to happen, but even so, it is a point to take into account, since RPGs do not usually lack this type of puzzle to advance that I have commented on.

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No software updates

Analysis of Jack Move - Xbox One 51

Jack Move is not a game that innovates either, since we can realize when we have been playing for a while that the components that it presents to us in terms of everything that surrounds it (including combat) are things that we have already seen in other AAA games and indies. And considering that big studios don’t usually innovate for fear of failure and how risky it is, it always falls to independent studios to do this very risky job, so I expected to see something beyond what I would find in a game Turn-based RPG like Pokemon is (although I left the franchise a few years ago).


In addition, I also expected more freedom when playing the game, since we will only be limited to following a single path with hardly any exploration by the game, but unfortunately this has not been the case. In any case, the game is quite enjoyable in itself if we want to take it as a small experience and in fact, from here we do recommend its purchase if you like games of the RPG genre.

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Analysis of Jack Move - Xbox One 52

In short, Jack Move is a short and friendly game that will give us good moments, although I have to say that none of them are memorable. It does have moments of humor, but moving away from the superficial, its combat is not much beyond what we are used to in normal RPGs, since it does not innovate at all and applies the same as any other game of the genre, so that for this part we are not going to give it a negative point, but we do recommend that you take this into account if what you are looking for is something new.



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