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Analysis of NBA 2K23 – A review of legend

We analyze NBA 2K23 in its version of Xbox Series X. A continuous title that touches just enough to improve the experience.

Analysis of NBA 2K23 - A review of legend

Facing a new video game NBA 2K it is to do it with some fear of what the development team will do this time. After some overwhelming starts and showing that they had no rival as far as basketball simulation is concerned, the boys on the court were getting more and more grassy faces, the one that predominates on the other side of the sports bet and that seems to trace its formula year after year, settling for success. In recent courses, this has also been the trend of NBA 2K, with little changes that hardly changed the experience and that provided a certain feeling of boredom.

Over the past few days we have had the pleasure of try NBA 2K23 on an Xbox Series X to see how this new installment is developing. As a preview, the experience is very similar to what was seen in the latest installments, but with certain tweaks and the presence of one of the biggest stars in NBA historyare sufficient reasons to enjoy your proposal.

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NBA 2K23: all the information

NBA 2K23
Platform PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC
Release date September 9, 2022
developer Visual Concepts
Gender >Sports, simulation
Idiom Voices in English and texts in Spanish

NBA 2K23 is the new installment of the basketball simulator developed by Visual Concepts. With its launch the September 9, 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, the new proposal once again demonstrates the best of the highest category of world basketball with the figure of Michael Jordan as the main attraction. As usual, it has voices in English and texts in Spanish.

Experience with NBA 2K23

The experience with NBA 2K23 is very familiar if you come from its previous installment and this does not mean that it is a negative note. In fact, from Visual Concepts they wanted to extract the best of NBA 2K22 to transfer it in the most optimal way to the new proposal and add what is necessary to make the formula much more complete and fluid. The good news is that they have achieved it with great success, something that is not always usual, since certain changes end up breaking the dynamic and making it even worse. However, on this occasion it is quite positive, so all the modifications that have been made in terms of playability fit together really well.

A triple to improve handling and playability

nba 2k23

NBA 2K23 arrives with small gameplay changes that improve the experience, especially in shooting.

From Visual Concepts they were fully aware of the need to generate a small revolution in the way NBA 2K is played, so they have focused on tweaking the fundamental aspects of the game so that the experience is closer to what you can see in a real life game. And the truth is that the result is really surprising, with a much more fluid, smooth and close handling to what we have been able to see in recent years, with the modern stage of basketball. Here it has been decided to opt for a more accurate shooting system, a reinvention of general physics of the game and a more realistic behavior of the players. A complete triplet.

In fact, attempts have been made to achieve that necessary symbiosis between the shots of three, the incursions in the paint or the trays, among others. This may seem obvious, but in many other installments it ended up betting on throwing threes on many occasions, without the game resisting this possibility excessively, something that was especially artificial and unreal.

Another aspect that has been significantly improved in this new installment is the collision system, something basic and necessary in a sport where contact is essential and that has cost more than necessary to dominate the Visual Concepts team. However, in NBA 2K23 this occurs in a more natural way and according to what can be seen on a real basketball court, so the sensations are fantastic in this regard. The blocks, the markings and even the movements with a foul are dealt with correctly and that gives this title a most interesting plus.

nba 2k23

The collision system and ball behavior are some of the best aspects of the game.

Also, general physics has also been greatly improvedmaking special mention of ball behavior. In this installment it is much easier to predict where the ball is going when it hits the backboard, against a hoop and other elements. This logic is transferred to a really careful physics in which the ball behaves in the most realistic way that we have seen to date, with which the advance is colossal to achieve a basketball video game that is as close as possible to today .

Finally, in this sense, it has been included a new formula for each player that has not finished convincing me, since it is allowed to carry out a total of three actions in attack or defense to get its full potential. This means that, in one play, a basket entry, a layup and other types of actions can be performed explosively. However, if the attack is prolonged to the maximum, this can greatly limit more leisurely players who seek to play absentmindedness and carry out more elaborate strategies. However, you have to learn to use them at the moment you ask for the move and there they can be decisive.

A free kick to the hoop with familiar game modes

nba 2k23

The NBA 2K23 My Team mode hardly makes any notable changes with the previous installment.

In relation to the game modes of NBA 2K23, there are lights and shadows quite clear. The MyCareer and MyTeam modes are still missing. The argument of the first is one of the weakest that has been seen lately, despite the fact that the eternal walks through the City that greatly tarnished the experience have been solved, although it still does not really provide what the development team seems to want.

In relation to My Team, few noteworthy changes. Removed player contracts that are acquired, so it is no longer necessary to be aware of contract renewals and expirations. A formula that is appreciated to simplify the formula and focus on what is truly important. Apart from this important modification, the rest is more of the sameexcept for new modes and challenges to increase the experience and offer more options to the player.

We see the light in my nbaa kind of manager that allows you to take charge of any NBA franchise through different Ages (the 80s, 90s, 2000s and today). The truth is that it is the most fun and longest running mode of NBA 2K23 and from Visual Concepts they seem to be aware of the great acceptance I had, taking it to a higher level. Having a continuity and the controls of the history of the biggest basketball league in the world for four decades with all the possibilities that a manager allows is superb and there is a lot of care behind his approach. Simply, a delight for NBA lovers.

Michael Jordan tribute is the real last dance

nba 2k23

The review of Michael Jordan’s career is one of the great successes of this edition.

Highlighting the latest aspect in playable element, it’s time to talk about the brilliant tribute NBA 2K23 pays to Michael Jordan, one of the most important figures in the history of the championship. And it is that the Jordan Challenges allow revisit 15 of the most emblematic matches of the mythical number 23 of the Chicago Bulls, also offering excerpts from interviews with some of his teammates that show his admiration for one of the greatest legends to ever walk the NBA floor.

Without a doubt NBA 2K23 should be Jordan’s year, for sharing his mythical number, but it would be fantastic if the care with which this tribute has been allocated, including some of the most curious filters to give that feeling of viewing one of the recordings of Jordan’s big games, too be taken to the next deliveries and be able to pay tribute to other illustrious players in the competitionbecause of course it is one of the most enjoyable modes.

Technically he settles for scoring from the paint

nba 2k23

The appearance of the players, the public and the pitches is an absolute technical delight.

It is time to approach the end of the analysis and for this it is necessary to resort to the technical aspect. NBA 2K22 was the license’s first real foray into the new generation of consoles and demonstrated a huge graphic potential as had not been seen before. Her degree of excellence in this regard was so great that hardly any major changes have been made this time, so it may be difficult to distinguish one from the other in the comparison. However, it is one of the best looking video games today, so there is little to object in this regard.

In terms of performance, it is to be thanked that they have greatly reduced loading times and that the sound level continues to maintain a very high level that allows you to immerse yourself in basketball games of the highest level without leaving home.

NBA 2K23 for PS5NBA 2K23 for PS4NBA 2K23 for Xbox SeriesNBA 2K23 for Xbox OneNBA 2K23 for Nintendo Switch

Conclusions and note of NBA 2K23


The NBA returns with the 2K23 edition

So NBA 2K23 is an excellent basketball simulator that is guilty of being too conservative in many aspects, but that ends up hitting the right keys so that the gaming experience be more and more satisfying. Visual Concepts continues to do a great job and the tribute to Jordan is the icing on the cake so that all the players who launch themselves for this installment enjoy it in a sensational way.

Is NBA 2K23 worth it?
The best
  • Being able to enjoy basketball games that border on excellence and are close to the real result of the NBA.
  • The tribute to Jordan is a true delight, especially for those who love the number 23.
  • The new changes in the shots and incursions to the basket allow a greater realism in the gameplay.
  • On a technical level it is a complete delight for the eyes, although it is very similar to NBA 2K22.
  • My Team and My Career modes are still stuck and can’t quite hit the spot.
  • There are not so many changes that can justify your purchase if you have the previous delivery.
  • It is still a game that, at times, drifts excessively towards micropayments.
Conclusions If you are an NBA lover, you will like what you find in NBA 2K23. The small changes that have been made to the gameplay work and allow you to enter a much more realistic and polished experience, although its game modes do not do justice to the large playable section.

Thus, you should know that NBA 2K23 is a great game when it comes to basketball simulation with great techniques and a superb tribute to Michael Jordan. Nevertheless, it is not a revolution with respect to the previous editionso it may be better to wait until it’s on sale to jump in for your purchase.

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