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Analysis of Raiden IV x MIKADO remix – Xbox Series X | we are xbox

Since the first generation of video games, the genre that proliferated the most in arcades and that had the most titles in the 80s and 90s, is that of Shoot ’em upcommonly called “Shmup” for its grammatical contraction in English, and also known as “Danmaku” in Japan.

In any case, whether it was flying with planes, ships or controlling heroes at ground level, and in vertical or lateral scrolling, it would not matter; our mothers would forever rename them “the little Martians”.


But far from being stuck in the past, the Shmups have been around for more than 40 years, and one of the most remembered series is Raiden, which in 2007 with Raiden IV It swept the arcade machines in Japanese salons. After various ports appeared on consoles like Xbox 360, now comes Raiden IV x MIKADO remixan improved version and fully prepared to be enjoyed on the consoles of the past and the current generation.

The most advanced “Shmup” you can play today

With this bombastic name, MOSS LTD and NIS America have wanted to recall the classic series of arcade games. The extraterrestrial race known as Crystals returns to threaten the human species in a new attempt to conquer the planet. And that’s it. That is the excuse to put ourselves at the controls of our ship, shoot everything that moves while we dodge bullet salads and we reach the powerful boss that awaits at the end of each phase.


To do this, we will have a renewed content pack with new levels, different types of projectiles, a little “fanservice” and intense game modes, such as the classic Arcadian or the new ones OverKill and Score Attackwhich we will talk about later.

A version that does not lack new features

Analysis of Raiden IV x MIKADO remix - Xbox Series X 52In Raiden IV x MIKADO remix we have three different ships (well, two and a fairy) who will be in charge of crossing the seven scenarios full of enemies that will have to be eliminated. Both of them enjoy enough sharpness and resolution, as the graphic review that has been given to the original game, resulting in a fresh and modern game. To also highlight his excellent soundtrackwith metal melodies with a pounding rhythm that know how to accompany the frenetic action at all times, and that we can alternate between the remixed and the original ones.

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But going back to the ships, each of them has unique projectile shapes. In this way, a weapon does not work the same when piloting a ship as when piloting the fairy, but rather it adapts according to the vehicle’s cannon. The same thing happens with the bombs, those great allies of the genre when it comes to crushing bosses or fleeing from bullets that can mean the sure loss of a life.


As we eliminate enemies we will obtain power-ups and items to be able to change weapons and increase their power level according to the demands on the screen. This is a playable option that has always been present in the franchise and that brings great dynamism to the games.

Game modes to stop a meteor

Analysis of Raiden IV x MIKADO remix - Xbox Series X 53If you’re thinking that like any good vertical scrolling shooter game worth its salt, this is going to be very difficult for you or you’ve read it somewhere, forget it. Raiden IV x MIKADO remix has difficulty levels for everyone Players. In this sense it is very accessiblestarting with a level that involves a walk (because the enemies do not shoot), another in which you can eliminate their bullets and the following ones that are standard and reserved for the most experienced players.

To make life even easier, we can also alter the number of lives and bombs available per credit to define the duration of our games. And all these settings will be available throughout the 5 game modeswhich are the following:

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Analysis of Raiden IV x MIKADO remix - Xbox Series X 54

  • OverKill: Main mode that includes two new missions and a new scoring system that is based on keep shooting the eliminated enemies to keep adding points.
  • Additional: Includes the two new missions but with the original scoring system.
  • Score Attack: To improve the score of any level that we have previously finished.
  • Arcadian: The classic and original arcade mode of the arcade machine.
  • boss rush: The classic “boss mode” in which you have to face all the bosses in the game one by one. You need to finish the game first to unlock it.

Any of these modes can be played in lonelyin cooperative local to double and through the new dual mode which enables manage two ships with a single command. This last modality is especially interesting and works as follows. With the left part of the control we manage one ship and with the right part the other. This is achieved by moving the ship with the stick and shooting with the corresponding bumper (LB/RB).

It is worth trying it because that way we can shoot the double projectiles, although we will also have to be very skilled to synchronize the movements and dodge the bullets. However, with a little practice it becomes a hectic mode, which works well and is a lot of fun.

Analysis of Raiden IV x MIKADO remix - Xbox Series X 55Despite having several modes to choose from, an online cooperative mode is sorely missing. That already in the year 2023 a game of these characteristics does not include the possibility of looking for a partner to play remotely, leaves much to be desired. And another detail that makes the presentation of the title ugly is that the texts are completely in English. It is a minor detail but nowadays it costs very little to translate a menu and it gives a feeling of neglect not to do it.

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Leaving these two points aside and to complete the product, players who are fond of scores and statistics will enjoy raising their scores to the world online rankingsaving their best repetitions and completing a gallery of illustrations which is unlocked as milestones are achieved and game modes are completed.


The most complete version of the fourth installment of the series

Analysis of Raiden IV x MIKADO remix - Xbox Series X 56Raiden IV x MIKADO remix is ​​the most complete version of Raiden IV, since it compiles all the material seen in the different console ports, while adding the revamped and excellent mikado soundtrack. Accessible and with enough game modes, it is undoubtedly a definitive installment that fans of the genre will appreciate, but also those players who are approaching a modern retro shmup for the first time.

It is hardly noticeable that it is a title that is almost 20 years old, except for some cinematics that look like cardboard and for not having an online multiplayer mode, but it has many other things in its favor to be acquired. Also, for those who like Physical format, Bandai Namco has published it in USA with a Deluxe Edition that includes the digital soundtrack and a poster. All a detail.

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