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Analysis of the Gioteck charging dock Solo for Xbox | we are xbox

Any gamer knows that the key to enjoying a video game is to have the right tool in hand to do it. There are those who prefer the keyboard and mouse, but fans of controls they are not left behind. In this sense, today we bring you our analysis of the Gioteck Solo for Xbox charging basethe perfect complement so that you never run out of battery and you can play as much as you want without having to interrupt to carry out those annoying charges


Analysis of the Gioteck Solo charging base for Xbox 52

Analysis of the Gioteck Solo Charging Stand for Xbox

Let’s start by talking about what comes included in this Gioteck Solo Charging Stand. As is obvious, the main piece is the charging base for a controller, although there is also a version called Duo that allows the simultaneous charging of two controls at the same time. The rest of the items are a rechargeable battery for you to use in case you don’t have one, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One compatible charging adapters, a charging cable, and black and white covers for the product.

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beyond one sleek and modern aesthetic, the use is on a par in terms of avant-garde and comfort. It is very simple. The first thing is to install the battery in the wireless controller (in case you don’t already have one) to later check the labels of the charging adapters and choose the one that is suitable for your situation. The next thing is to take the charging cable and connect one end to the Gioteck Solo and the other to your Xbox console. The only thing left to do is place your controller on top of the charging base and make sure it turn on the orange light, which indicates that the upload has started. The LED will turn white when charging is complete. Do not forget that, on its back, the Gioteck Solo has an additional USB port that will allow you to charge another device simultaneously if you wish.

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But let’s go to the most important thing: functionality. Our experience with this charging base has been more than positive, with a battery that fully charges in around an hour and after that offers between a dozen and fifteen hours until it is fully discharged. A more than acceptable duration, especially considering that this base allows you to leave your command “resting” without major complications. Personally, the USB port of the Xbox Series X seems somewhat uncomfortable for me when it comes to charging, so sometimes I end up charging my controller in an alternative charger like the one on my mobile.

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Analysis of the Gioteck Solo charging base for Xbox 53

The Gioteck Solo for Xbox has changed my way of charging the controller completely. The fact of having a base on which the controller should only rest and with a more fixed and stable location gives me the confidence I needed in these fights. If you have more than one controller you will have a product made to measure. You can go playing with one while the other is perfectly charging in the base,

It is clear that the Gioteck Solo Charging Stand is not a revolutionary product nor does it claim to be, but it is a perfect complement whether you are an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One user. It brings you comfort and does it simply and without complications. And the best, at a very reasonable price. affordable for all budgets.