Animal Crossing x Stardew Valley? This is Fae Farm

Sam Gilbert

animal crossing x stardew valley? this is fae farm

Fae Farm allows you to immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Azoria. Here you make a cozy farm your new home and explore a world full of secrets. But that’s not all: this magical world is inhabited by fairies and other creatures.

What is Fae Farm?

Fae Farm is a cozy game in which you can build your own farm. You can also befriend the world’s inhabitants, reveal their secrets and explore dungeons. What sets the game apart is how many different things you can do in Azoria. For example, the crafting system offers you hundreds of options and building your farm is by no means the only thing you can spend your time doing.

We have already caught a glimpse of the game and will tell you about our first impressions here. I can tell you in advance that this inconspicuous game has much more to offer than you might think.

Fae Farm: First Impressions

Right from the start of the game it becomes clear how much emphasis the developers place on individual customization. You can desEsports Extrasyour character however you want. Once you’ve done that, the game will take you straight into the beautiful world of Azoria. Here you meet the mayor of the small town, who happily welcomes you and gives you a small farm. After you have gotten to know the residents of the city, it is your job to expand your farm and desEsports Extrasit according to your ideas.

The gameplay seems predictable and old-fashioned at first glance, but it’s surprisingly fun. For example, you can fish, hunt insects and search for rare metals in dungeons. What sounds like a mixture of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing feels like it, but also brings in enough new aspects to be exciting.

Fae farm screenshot
Your farm can look so beautiful.

Our highlights

Exploring the dungeons is particularly fun. Here you will meet various opponents who need to be defeated. However, you can also try to work around them. This means that even players who don’t necessarily want to fight can have fun. At first the combat system is quite simple, but quickly becomes more complex with magic and potions.

Building your farm is also a highlight. This is particularly due to how many options there are. No two farms look the same and you can give your farm a very special feeling.

When is the game coming out?

You can pre-order Fae Farm now for PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will be officially released on September 8th. The price at release is around 60 euros. Fae Farm also has a co-op mode where you can play with friends.

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