Announced special double distribution for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Tom Henry

announced special double distribution for pokemon scarlet and purple

Tonight we have received information about the new event of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Here we bring you all the details you should know about the news.

This time, the information focuses on new distribution events. This is confirmed:

  • Players who attend the Pokemon World Championships will be able to receive a Tatsugiri straight form. This Tatsugiri comes with the Command ability, as well as the moves Wyvern Kite, Muddy Water, Boost, and Celebration, and comes equipped with a Maxipip. The first 10,000 participants in the Worlds Fantasy Team will also receive it.
  • On the other hand, during the streaming of the Pokemon World Championship next month, a code will be offered to receive a gastrodon based on the Gatrodon used by Eduardo Cunha to win the 2022 World Championship. This Gastrodon has the Collector ability and the moves Living Earth, Ice Wind, Yawn, and Protection.
  • For TCG players, they will be given a code to get a Gold Charizard ex.

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