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Announced ‘The concierge Pokemon’, a new series of stop-motion animation for Netflix

To celebrate Pokemon Day and as part of the Pokemon Presents presentation, Netflix and The Pokemon Company have announced The Pokemon Janitora animation series stop motionwhose production is carried out by the dwarf studios, whose works you can see here. Below you can see the first trailer of The Pokemon Janitor:

The adventures of a concierge at the Pokemon Resort

The Pokemon Janitor tells the story of Haru, a janitor who takes care of Pokemon and their owners at the hotel where he works, telling us about his adventures and interactions with the Pokemon and their owners, all guests of the resort.

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Netflix is ​​looking forward to delighting fans in Japan and around the world with Pokemon Concierge, a whole new visual and storytelling experience with an animation stop motion groundbreaking, set in the world of Pokemon and created in close collaboration with The Pokemon Company, said Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Asian Content at Netflix. In addition, we are very excited to announce this new series on Pokemon Day and offer fans even more incentive to look forward to this very special celebration of the popular franchise.

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This has been one of the many announcements that the presentation of the Pokemon Presents has left us, such as that Pokemon Sleep, the application to measure sleep, will finally arrive this year or the DLC ‘The hidden treasure of area Zero’ announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

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